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Electric Vehicle charging

Making the Switch and Welcoming an All Electric World

Electric Vehicle charging

The Government’s announcement of a plan to ban the sale of all diesel and petrol cars by 2040 has created quite a stir in the motor industry. This plan is in a bid to tackle air pollution and is part of a much wider scheme to make the UK more eco-conscious.

An Uncertain Future

There are a lot of question marks surrounding how this ban will work and whether or not it is realistic, but one thing for certain is that is that we are looking at an all-electric car world in the near future. This is reflected in the market, with the sale of new cars dropping off steadily since the announcement – this shows that the public is anxious about making large financial decisions with so much uncertainty about the ban, the economy and the impact of Brexit.

Growth in Used and Eco Markets

Despite this, the sale of used cars is growing and automotive data experts Cap HPI’s survey suggests that dealers believe that used car sales will continue to grow in 2018. It is expected that the sale of hybrid or all-electric cars will increase heavily in the near future in preparation for the ban, but also because of the Government incentives for driving green vehicles. Motorists can benefit from grants to purchase an electric car, as well as zero road tax and other benefits when they choose an all-electric vehicle. Additionally, there are now many excellent electric or hybrid vehicles on the market to suit all types of drivers.

Navigating the Market

With many motorists looking to change vehicles over the coming years, it is essential that they are careful when navigating the market. This is so that they can avoid scams, like clocking, and also get a good deal on the car. A HPI Check is an important part of the purchasing process as this produces a detailed report of the automobile’s past. The report will list if there is outstanding finance, whether it is recorded as stolen, whether it was previously written off and any number plate changes. Essentially, these checks will highlight any major issues and provide the buyer with peace of mind.

There is a great deal of uncertainty in the air at the moment about what the future holds for motorists, but it seems that an all-electric world is not too far away. Many motorists are embracing this and benefitting from making the switch now, but it is always important to be careful when changing cars even if they are electric or hybrid.