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Private Number Plate Inspiration For Electric Car Owners

Many people opt for a private number plate as a way to make their cars stand out among the crowd. As a proud owner of an electric vehicle (EV), you may want to consider a private plate for your car. There are endless options when it comes to choosing a private number plate, though you are limited by the number of characters allowed – typically seven but fewer in some instances.

There are many things to consider when buying a private plate. You’ll need to ensure that it stands up to the legal requirements, work out your budget for the investment and, of course, decide what you want it to read. Names and nicknames are popular, as well as plates that showcase your personal interests, job and hobbies. For an EV, you might also consider options that relate to the type of car and its electric nature.

Get It In Green  

EVs are allowed to use green in their number plates, unlike the standard white for front plates and yellow for back. Of course, you can still use the standard plate colours if you want to, but a green plate can really help your vehicle stand out and proudly show off your eco-friendly car. There are a range of green options for EV number plates, and you can only legally use them if your vehicle is entirely electric; hybrids, petrol and diesel cars are not permitted green number plates. The green number plate options include:

  • Entirely green plates
  • White and yellow with a stripe of green on the left
  • White and yellow with a green dot

Showcase Your Business Name  

Business owners are often rightly proud of their achievements in running their own businesses. So, what better way to flaunt your accomplishments and show loyalty to your own branding than by getting a registration plate that shows your business name? If the name is too long, you could shorten it by omitting vowels or using the initials if the name is more than one word. You could also use the industry or type of service you provide, which opens up the possibilities even further.

Flaunt Your Green Credentials  

What better way to personalise your EV than with a plate that reflects your commitment to using cleaner energy? There are many words and phrases you could use for a green number plate, including things like:

  • ECO or 3CO
  • GREEN or GR33N

It may help to familiarise yourself with the best ways to replace letters with numbers until you find the option that suits you best.

Check Out Existing Plates  

If you’re struggling to find that perfect match, it may help to look for some inspiration from other number plate users. There are plenty of places to buy number plates online, and this can be an excellent place to start looking for inspiration. Knowing the best way to use the numbers in your plate as letters can be confusing at first, so seeing how others have done it can be invaluable. Checking out plates for sale online can also give you a better idea of how much you can expect to spend on your own. Look on reputable websites to get an idea of the plates you could use and gain much-needed inspiration for your own vehicle. Regtransfers is an excellent option for anyone who wants to know more about the benefits of private number plates.

Consider An Overall Theme For Your Vehicle  

A theme can always be a great place to start when personalising your vehicle. There’s not too much you can do to the interior of your car, unlike, say, your home interior. Still, there are little touches you can use to create a cohesive theme in your vehicle. Popular options for cars include racing, cartoons (ideal for families with young kids) and classic themes. You can add personal touches like gear stick and steering wheel covers, seat protectors and air fresheners to create a fun look for your car. A personalised number plate is the perfect finishing touch to round out your overall style and theme.

Look At Different Plate And Number Styles  

The current format for new number plates is two letters, two numbers, a space and three more letters. Number plates allow you to determine the age of a car, using the first numbers to show the year the vehicle was made. In older plates, these numbers may come in a different order, and for cars made before 1963, the plates were entirely random, making them impossible to date. Dateless plates are often highly desirable, as they can be fully customisable. The oldest and rarest plates are just one letter and one number, going up to three letters and four numbers. This can make an excellent option for anyone who wants a three-letter word or to commemorate a particular year or date.

Use A Licence Number Generator  

If you’re really struggling to come up with a unique and fun number plate, another good option could be to use a registration plate generator. You can include some short phases, words or names that you’d like to be included and then take a look at the choices that come up. Of course, there is no guarantee that the plate you like the look of will be available, but it can be an excellent way to get some quality inspiration.

Understand The Law  

There is a lot of leeway when choosing your private number plate, but you should always ensure that you stay on the right side of the law. Reputable sellers will not offer plates for sale that don’t adhere to legal standards, so choosing the right seller can be crucial. You should also understand the law for yourself, so you can identify any plates that might pose an issue. The colours must be correct, as mentioned above, and the plates must be made with hardy materials that will stand up to the expected wear and tear that vehicles go through daily. You should also be aware that characters in more than one colour – often used to create a 3D or 4D effect – are now banned as they make it harder for number plate reading cameras to identify.

Make It Funny  

A light-hearted number plate can be a great option for anyone with a sense of humour – they are a popular gift on Father’s Day for appealing to that dad sense of humour! Of course, you don’t have to be a dad or a man to enjoy a silly, tongue-in-cheek number plate. Plates with acronyms like LOL, WTF, and OMG are popular, but you should be cautious not to use anything that might cause offence; the DVLA won’t be laughing if you use a plate that is overtly sexual or contains swearing. You will likely be able to find fun and silly plates containing puns or other jokes, and even plates like BOT 70M – though these may set you back a fair amount.


Personalising your EV number plate can be a great way to make it feel more your own. Many people consider their cars to be a reflection of themselves and their personality, and a private number plate can be the cherry on top for proud car owners. Deciding what you want your number plate to read can be a challenge, and finding the right way to display it using numbers as well as letters can make it all the harder. It may help to get some inspiration from existing number plates to see what kind of things you could use for your own.