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Protecting the Paint on an Electric Car

Although electric cars produce significantly lower emissions than conventional cars, which rely on internal combustion engines, their paint is still susceptible to many harmful factors that can diminish its appearance, damage the surface, and reduce the vehicle’s resale value.

A higher level of protection can be achieved through the application of a protective film, which can even be used to change the car’s colour. However, this article will focus on more affordable options with a user-friendly application.

Quick detailer products

One of the simpler protective measures you can take to safeguard the electric car’s paint is a quick detailer. This product is intended to be reapplied after each car wash and is typically available in the form of a fast-acting spray.

Soft99, a leading manufacturer of car care and detailing products, offers the Rain Drop quick detailer for comprehensive protection for your car’s surface. The product will create a protective layer on the paint that can last for three months, while the coating on windows, lights, wheels, as well as plastic and chrome elements will last for two months.

For even longer-lasting protection and easier cleaning, you can opt for Soft99 Fukupika Spray, which can last for up to six months when applied to the car’s surface.


A car wax is another alternative for protecting your car’s exterior. You can choose between durable car waxes that offer long-lasting effects and products that may require more frequent reapplication.

An excellent example of particularly robust car wax is Soft99 Fusso Coat 12 Months, considered one of the best products in this category. As its name suggests, Fusso Coat 12 Months will protect your car’s exterior for a full year, even in adverse weather conditions.

Among the noteworthy products offering less long-lasting protection are Extreme Gloss Kiwami, known for its excellent visual effects, Mirror Shine, which boasts an especially easy application, and Water Block Super Splash, with advanced hydrophobic properties and weather protection. The effects of applying each of these waxes will last for up to three months.

Quartz coatings

Choosing a quartz coating from a reputable manufacturer is essential as it ensures that the product performs as intended and saves you from such issues as an especially difficult application, inconsistent results, and challenging removal.

The Soft99 QJUTSU series includes highly effective products such as QJUTSU Body Coat Pro, which provides a showroom shine and a strong hydrophobic effect lasting up to two years.

QJUTSU Body Coat is a more user-friendly and affordable alternative to the Pro version of the quartz coating, offering protection for your car’s paint for up to a year.

Furthermore, if you need a product designed for matte finishes or a car covered with a protective film, you can consider QJUTSU Body Coat Matte, which provides a two-year-lasting effect.

Find more at the Soft99 Store.

How to Protect Electric Car Paint?

Apart from the most advanced option of applying a protective film, you have a choice between waxes, quartz coatings, and quick detailer products. Quick detailer products are typically the simplest to apply, while quartz coatings can offer exceptionally long-lasting effects.