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Toyota Prius

Should You Buy a Hybrid Car?

Hybrid cars offer lower CO2 emissions and improved fuel efficiency, but how much do you know about hybrids?

How Hybrid Cars Work

Hybrid cars rely on a combination of an electric motor and internal combustion engine for their power. This electric motor utilises the energy stored in the batteries. However, the hybrid vehicle itself does not need plugging in. Instead, both internal engine combustion and regenerative braking combine to charge the battery.

A hybrid can run on electric power rather than on its petrol (or diesel) engine when idling, which helps to save fuel.

Should you buy a hybrid?

Many people are changing from a company car to a personal car, and although some are considering a classic car, most are looking for something more efficient.

  • Cost

The upfront cost of hybrid cars tends to be higher, but you will enjoy better fuel efficiency, which means you will save in the long run. And you could get tax incentives.

  • Reliability

If you’re worried about reliability, it’s good to know that the Toyota Prius Hybrid is one of the world’s most reliable cars. And you’ll enjoy a better resale value.

  • Ownership savings

You’ll benefit from savings in running costs from driving a hybrid.