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Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck May be More Expensive Than Planned

People have been talking and eagerly anticipating the Telsa Cybertruck for a few years now as a unique vehicle that boasts the performance of a sports car with the practicality of a sports truck. It seems that the truck will now be more expensive than originally thought and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has recently commented on the situation.

What Elon Musk Has Said

Back in 2019, the Cybertruck was supposed to start at $39,900 and start production in 2021. Elon Musk recently commented that “a lot has changed since then” and the Cybertruck will now be more expensive than originally planned. Musk also claimed that the vehicle would be in volume production by the middle of next year and that it was “one hell of a product” and “a damn fine machine”. So, why exactly is the price of the Cybertruck rising?

The Factors Behind the Price Increase

The COVID-19 pandemic is an obvious factor that has disrupted production and every auto manufacturer has been feeling this due to the global chip shortage. Musk also stated that inflation is another reason why the vehicle will be more expensive than originally stated in 2019 and that there had been “various issues” in the last three years that have altered the plan for the vehicle. It is not clear how much the Cybertruck will cost, but there will be three versions available:

  • Single motor rear-wheel drive capable of 250 miles
  • Dual motor all-wheel drive capable of 300 miles
  • Triple motor all-wheel drive capable of 500 miles

Outlook for EVs Beyond 2022

It has been a turbulent time in the auto industry in the last few years with the pandemic, global chip shortage, inflation and cost of living crisis. While the sale of new cars has been plummeting, you will find that the sale of EVs has been steadily rising. In the first few months of 2022, EV sales were up 75% and this is a trend that will continue with people looking to make the switch.

Switching to an EV is appealing right now because it can protect motorists against rising fuel costs, plus environmental damage and climate change are major talking points right now. Many people are looking for ways to reduce their impact and switching to an electric car is one of the best ways to do this. Just be sure to take out car gap insurance to protect the value of your car.

The delay and price increase of the Tesla Cybertruck is frustrating for many, but it has been a tough few years for all auto manufacturers. The vehicle is highly anticipated and will be in production from next year as many motorists are now looking to make the switch to an electric car and reap all the benefits that this can bring to your life.