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The benefits of going green

Honda-Civic-Diesel-2013.jpgGreen is good

Well, it is isnÂ’t it? The last thing any of us want to do is ruin the environment. ThatÂ’s why what comes out of our car exhausts is so very important. Emissions are now a crucial part of the car buying process. And now, the lower the CO2, the less the car owner pays. In some cases, that could be nothing at all.

Green is less taxing

With all new cars having their road fund licenses calculated on the amount of CO2 they produce, drivers are now rewarded with much lower tax rates for the lowest polluting vehicles. In fact, some new cars have zero tax rates. Indeed, buyers of a Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC will be pleased to discover that the CO2 emissions are just 94g/2011/04/5m-to-improve-air-quality-in-london/2011/2011/04/5m-to-improve-air-quality-in-london/09/2011/04/5m-to-improve-air-quality-in-london/koda-octavia-green-e-line/2011/04/5m-to-improve-air-quality-in-london/2011/2011/04/5m-to-improve-air-quality-in-london/2011/2011/04/5m-to-improve-air-quality-in-london/09/2011/04/5m-to-improve-air-quality-in-london/koda-octavia-green-e-line/2011/04/5m-to-improve-air-quality-in-london/09/2011/04/5m-to-improve-air-quality-in-london/2011/2011/04/5m-to-improve-air-quality-in-london/09/2011/04/5m-to-improve-air-quality-in-london/koda-octavia-green-e-line/2011/04/5m-to-improve-air-quality-in-london/koda-citigo/2011/04/5m-to-improve-air-quality-in-london/2011/2011/04/5m-to-improve-air-quality-in-london/09/2011/04/5m-to-improve-air-quality-in-london/koda-octavia-green-e-line/2011/04/5m-to-improve-air-quality-in-london/km CO2 – this puts this particular vehicle into Band A, meaning that the tax liability is Ł0. However, the advantages of going green don’t end there.

Green goes further

Oil prices are always on the up, and so every visit to the pumps inflicts an increasing amount of damage to your wallet. Consequentially, fuel economy now has a much higher priority for many car buyers, and the incredible advances in engine technology now mean that the driver of a humble Honda Civic will easily get 53.3 miles per gallon on the combined cycle. The Eco Assist system is a button that once pushed optimises the way the Honda’s systems operate – from the air con, engine and brakes – to boost economy. That’s why the Civic 1.6 i-DTEC manages an astounding 78.5mpg.

Green is ideal for cities

Hybrid cars are ideal for cities because they recharge their hybrid batteries during the frequent braking that is usually involved in urban driving, and that allows the petrol engine to switch off when the car is at a standstill. This saves petrol and so saves the hybrid driver money. However this is also a great way to reduce the air pollution from cars that impacts on the health of so many people living in cities. The Jazz Hybrid, the Insight or the CR-Z are perfect car choices for the regular city centre driver.

Green costs

The simple truth is that anyone who wants to take advantage of the latest technology in order to make their motoring lives better and more environmentally friendly will have to buy brand new. That costs. To many it will be worth it, but perhaps the most environmentally friendly thing that a buyer on a budget can do is recycle an old Honda Civic. It will be reliable, easy to live with and great value, providing that their motoring requirements are modest.

Green is fun

HereÂ’s the great news if you love cars: green cars donÂ’t just save you a bundle. Best of all, they can be fun. The S660 Concept Car from Honda will enter production later this year and it will be a small but perfectly formed sports car. Although details are scant at the moment, it looks like it will be powered by a tiny three-cylinder turbo engine intended for use in a future Jazz. This means that it will be cheap to buy and run, and it will also prove to everyone that a six-figure supercar is a waste of money and resources when it is possible to drive the seriously funky yet frugal S660 while also saving the environment.