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Three Innovative Parking Solutions – Revolutionary Technology for Your Business

When you’re looking at your newly constructed parking lot, you may ask yourself: is parking tech really important? According to the British Parking Association, the average motorist in the UK spends 91 hours a year simply driving around looking for a parking space.

So the answer to your question is yes. Car park solutions are definitely imperative to your business. You want your parking area running like clockwork.

The British Parking Association also states that 39% of motorists say finding a parking space is stressful. You don’t want your employees, customers or business partners to be stressed before they even enter your door. You’ll need innovative parking solutions to help manage your parking area.

Three Smart Parking Solutions for Your Business

Finding the best car park tech is easy with Advance Access. They provide revolutionary technology that reduces traffic in any busy parking lot. Take a look at the following solutions you can incorporate into your business parking lot.

1.     Internet of Things for Large Cities

It takes the average motorist in the UK eight minutes to find a parking space. This could be the reason why 39% of people say that finding a parking space is stressful. That’s why it’s important to have technology on your side to make living less tense.

Have you ever heard of the Internetof Things? It’s fundamentally a network of physical objects such as machines, cars, home appliances and more. Internet of Things (IoT) uses sensors and APIs (Application Programming Interface) to connect and exchange data over the internet.

So how does the Internetof Things help in the automotive industry? Car manufacturers and tech companies are using the IoT to help drivers find parking spots. The IoT technology is usually integrated into mobile apps so drivers can be informed when a parking space is open.

This is basically what is defined as smart parking as IoT detects when spaceis vacant and sends a signal to the mobile app. Drivers can subsequently book the vacant spot so it doesn’t get taken by another driver. The IoT solutions can be paired with on-street parking machines.

On-street machines such as paid meters can be connected to a mobile app. Drivers can use the mobile app to pay for their parking meter and extend the allotted time of their car space without visiting the machine.

The Benefits of This Technology

Using IoT to connect vehiclesto car park machines can help reduce traffic on the roads. The flow of cars will improve in city centres and the stress levels of drivers on the road will be reduced. The businesswill also flow better as it will create more foot traffic into buildings.

2.     Multi-Level Parking

Multi-levelparking areas are definitely essential parts of any big city. There needsto be more multi-level parking spaces to accommodate the crowded roads in the UK and in Ireland.

By integrating car park machines such as pay and display or APTL payment machines for every level of the parking can help reduce the traffic on the roads. Using other technologies such as automated parking systems for multi-level parking could also help create more space.

Automated parking machines are used to stack cars horizontally or vertically in compact spaces. There’s no risk of damage or accidents as your car will be parked by robots or hydraulic powered machines.

The Benefits of This Technology

On-road parking seems to be the major cause of traffic on the roads. It’s no wonder drivers take eight minutes trying to find a parking space. There are too few parking spaces and too many cars.

Building multi-story parking garages and integrating car park machines could reduce the traffic on the roads by at least 30%. People will no longer spend eight to 10 minutes looking for a parking space.

Multi-story parking garages provide added safety for you and your vehicle. You won’t have to dodge buses, pedestrians or other cars trying to get to a vacant space. Another perk is your car will be safe from potential vehicle theft. Car park machines incorporating access gates and pay on foot technology help keep your car secure as tickets only allow the owner of the vehicle to exit the building.

3.     Robotic Car Park Solutions

The demand for cars is rising every day. This is ideal for car manufacturers, however the space on the roads will be reduced even more. On-road parking will be difficult as the number of licensed vehicles on the road rises. It will create pollution and additional congestion. So what’s the solution?

How about using robotic car park solutions? This could also be defined as automatic parking solutions. Either these systems can be built inside parking garages or perhaps there can be multi-towers built on the side of the roads.

The Benefits of this Technology

Stacking cars vertically or horizontally on or off the roads using machines can increase parking vacancies. Instead of one parking spot on the road,there will be several. The use of automatic parking systems and pay & display or parking meter machines could work well together.

Drivers can still use IoT technology to find vacant parking to reduce congestion even further. Parking on-road increases the risk of damage and car theft. Automatic parking systems can help add protection to vehicles to reduce car theft.

Final Thoughts

No matter what kinds of parking solutions are built in and around the city to reduce traffic, there will always be a need for car park machines. All of the parking solutions mentioned above will work well with car park technologies such as pay on foot, APTL payments, pay and display & access controlled gates.

So if you’re constructing a large building and you’re thinking of innovative ways to reduce traffic around your business, perhaps the above solutions are for you. Integrate as many car park solutions as you can to add value and structure to your business.

After all, it’s an exciting endeavourbuilding up your own business. You want every part of your building to run smoothly and efficiently.