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Top apps to take the stress out of driving


Technology is everywhere, in fact a vast majority of the population now carries around powerful computers in their pockets in the form of smartphones. These digital devices allow us to connect with our friends, family and the world instantly and allow us to access information with the touch of a screen.

Smartphones are not only great for helping us stay connected, but the apps available are now so sophisticated that they can help us in daily life. From checking the weather forecast to tracking our fitness or even booking train tickets online, apps have transformed the way we use technology and will continue to evolve as phones and tablets become even more powerful.

To coincide with the release of its parking app, YourParkingSpace has compiled a list of some of the best driving apps to help you keep your journeys less stressful. They have also included apps for passengers to keep them entertained on long trips.

Driving Apps:



Waze is one of the most popular navigation and traffic apps here in the UK, and what makes it stand out from other navigation apps is that it is updated in real-time by other road users. Waze is continually updated meaning that users can see up to date information on traffic congestion along their route, road hazards and accidents, and the app can automatically create the best route based on these conditions.

There is also an active community of map editors updating Waze’s maps, improving the navigation and making the platform easier to use.


With a database covering 98% of the UK’s petrol stations, the app is great for drivers looking to save money on their fuel. Its comprehensive price engine allows drivers to find the cheapest fuel in their local area and allows users to select what type of fuel they are looking for and a search radius they want to search in.

The app also allows users to search in a specific location to see how much fuel costs elsewhere; great for if you are embarking on a longer journey and want to compare prices at your destination.

Another great feature is the route planner function. Simply type in a starting point either a location or a postcode and a destination point and the app find the cheapest fuel along your route.

YourParkingSpace app


Have you every struggled to find a parking space? Then why not try the YourParkingSpace app. Whether you need a long term parking solution near your work or are just looking for a parking space for a couple of hours, YourParkingSpace can help.

With access to over 250,000 parking spaces throughout the UK, YourParkingSpace can save you time and more importantly money when parking and can also help people earn an extra income from their empty parking spaces.

Whether you’re searching for a parking space for an hour, a day or even a month there are plenty of options and with the pre-booking service you can book before you travel or book a space instantly when you reach your destination. Users can also store their information when they book for a simple one click checkout for all subsequent bookings.

Passenger Apps:



Spotify is one of the most popular ways to stream music on a mobile device due to the sheer amount of artists and songs available. Simply search for an artist, track or album and start listening, it’s that easy.

Users can create their own playlists and share them with their friends or can choose from hundreds of user generated and Spotify playlists which cover every music genre imaginable.

The free version of the app contains adverts in between songs and users must be online to listen to music, but if you opt for one of the Premium subscriptions you will get advert free playlists and unrestricted streaming. Premium users can also download their playlists to their chosen device and listen to them when offline, great for when you’re travelling.

Spotify subscriptions start at just £4.99 per month.



Netflix is now one of the biggest streaming services in the world, allowing users to watch a wide range of TV shows, movies and documentaries wherever and whenever they want including award-winning Netflix originals such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Daredevil.

Users can create up to five profiles with just one Netflix account, great for families and allowing each member to personalise their own profile with recommendations based on the shows and movies they enjoy.

For those with young children, Netflix also has parental controls so that content which is unsuitable can be blocked. Netflix users can also download selected TV shows and movies to their device which can then be watched offline.

Netflix is available for free during the first month and is subscription based after that; packages start from just £5.99 per month.



Trying to remember every aspect of an epic trip or holiday can be hard, but with LiveTrekker you can create your own digital journal on an interactive map.

This user friendly app tracks your GPS location, marking your route on an interactive map. Users can then add their own pictures, video, audio and text along the route creating a step by step account of their trip. The app also monitors speed and altitude making it ideal for adventurous travellers.

Once the digital journal is complete it can be shared with family and friends via social media or email, and the handy search function means that you can find that special picture, video or experience effortlessly.