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Top Benefits of Electric Cars

Discover the five biggest benefits of electric cars here.

1 – More Economical

An electric car is between 45% and 70% cheaper than a diesel / petrol car based on whole life costs.

Fuel – For the same 100 km an electric car uses between 2 Euro and 3 Euro of electricity. The equivalent of diesel / petrol is between 10 Euro to 15 Euro, about four to five times more. Over four years savings can easily reach 8,000 Euro to 10,000 Euro.

Maintenance – Electric cars are practically maintenance-free for four or five years, often not even needing to change discs or pads, filters, pumps, belts, discs, pads. Over four years the savings can easily reach 4,000 Euro.

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2 – Greener

Electric cars are much more environmentally friendly than their counterparts.

Zero EmissionsElectric cars are extremely efficient at using the energy stored in their batteries with an efficiency of around 98%. And of course an electric car emits ZERO EMISSIONS.

Energy Production – Energy is increasingly generated from renewables.

Car Production – An electric car has 1,100 fewer parts than a combustion car.

3 – More Convenient

An electric car has full torque immediately available, it has no gearbox, gears or clutch. From a driving point of view it means that driving is much smoother and EVs have more linear acceleration.

4 – More pleasure

Electric cars are virtually silent.

5 – More Cool

There are new electric car brands appearing with a greater range of models and body styles.