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Lexus RZ 450e tyre

Tyres for Electric Cars: A Key Element of Electric Mobility

Deciding to make your next car an electric one is a great decision for the environment, and it also moves you ahead of the government’s plan to gradually make fossil fuel-run vehicles obsolete, but there are some unexpected facets to electric car ownership – even the simple act of buying new tyres is not as straightforward as you might expect! Let’s take a look.

Electric Cars Are Heavy

While regular petrol and diesel cars are not exactly lightweight, electric cars are considerably heavier. Most of this difference can be found in the battery: ignition engines only use the battery for the moment of ignition and then for incidental electronics, while electric cars have no engine and run on their battery. So it is understandable that a normal car battery runs to about 18kg while an electric car’s battery is a hefty 454kg – and then the rest of the car’s materials: metals, upholstery and so on, must also be accounted for after that. All tyres come with a load rating of the maximum weight that the tyre should be expected to bear, and electric car tyres are no different. But in general, electric car tyres have much higher load ratings than those for normal cars of around the same dimensions. So, if you’re in search of tyres suitable for your electric car you’ll be impressed by the professionalism and expertise of Elite Tyres Rainham team. Check them out today!

Electric Cars Are Instantly Responsive

While this sounds like a pure positive, the fact than an electric car can accelerate and brake much faster than standard cars means the tyres of the electric car are under more strain. Car designers are responding to these issues by manufacturing tyres which are narrower in width, but taller in diameter, as these features reduce both rolling and aerodynamic resistance which could otherwise cause electric car tyres to wear out faster.

Electric Cars Are Quieter

Perhaps a minor feature, but a surprisingly pernicious one, is the fact that electric cars are so very quiet compared to regular vehicles. This means that if the tyres are ‘noisy’ – literally, this means that they make a lot of noise when turning against the road’s surface – your drive can become a source of stress and irritation, instead of the pleasantly quiet ride you were hoping for. Tyres designed for electric vehicles are much quieter, thanks to the changes to the conformation of the tyres, but also because they are being engineered that way in order to make the electric car experience a pleasant one.

Electric Car Tyres Are Sturdier

You can put regular car tyres on your electric car, but this is not advised. It has been found that the heavier weight and instant torque of an electric car can make tyres wear out as much as thirty percent faster. Rather than replace your tyres every two or three years, it is infinitely better to invest in some tyres designed for use in electric cars, and have them stand the test of time.