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What is EVSE and EVSE testing?

It is clear that electric vehicles (EVs) are starting to take over the motor vehicle market, with the sale of EVs overtaking new diesel vehicles for the first time towards the end of 2021. And with the UK Government committed to phasing out the production of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, the change to EVs is coming fast.

With that comes the need to build a charging infrastructure, and this is increasing rapidly with thousands of new public charging points being installed in the UK each year in service stations, supermarkets, shopping centres and on public streets. Previously it was possible to plug an EV in anywhere and attempt to charge your vehicle, but inevitably a system of controls had to be put in place to regulate the charging of EVs, and this is known as EVSE.

What is EVSE?

EVSE stands for electric vehicle supply equipment, and essentially it is a protocol and a system of controls to keep you and your vehicle safe while charging it. In many senses this is a two-way communication between the charger and your vehicle to ensure it chooses the correct charging current for the vehicle, based on the maximum current the charger can provide and the maximum current your vehicle can receive.

What does EVSE provide?

EVSE eliminates the need for any user interaction when charging other than simply connecting a charging lead to the vehicle. After this EVSE provides:

  • A safety lock-out – to prevent current flow when the charger is not connected or is incorrectly inserted
  • Hardware fault detection
  • Battery damage prevention
  • Electrical shorts and fire prevention

What is EVSE testing?

As you would expect, the testing of EVSE is now covered by standards which ensure the correct protection is maintained on the EVSE and this is the primary function of the extensive range of EVSE testing equipment provided by Test Instrument Solutions.

Test Instrument Solutions range of EVSE testing equipment

In working to the correct standards, the electrical tester is required to test the safety of the EVSE, record all results and issue compliance certificates. Test Instrument Solutions supplies full packages which provide all this equipment and ancillary products, as well as individual testing units sold separately. The MFTPRO + EV incorporates the award-winning success of the MFT-PRO multi-function tester with a built-in EVSE Auto sequence and 3 & 4 Wire Earth Electrode Test. This package also includes the relevant test leads and probes.

The MFTECO is a reliable and accurate instrument featuring TRMS and with 2* and 3 wire Loop tests, Auto RCD testing Type A and AC, Insulation and continuity tests.

In addition to these fast, accurate and effective testing units, you can purchase test report kits which are compatible with the TIS EVSE testing units and certificate books for issuing formal records that an EVSE set-up has successfully passed its testing parameters.