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Tesla Model 3 2024

Which are the best brands for electric cars?

With countries around the world pledging to reduce their carbon emissions to tackle climate change, the car industry is going through a sustainability revolution on a global scale.

Traditional fuel-powered engines are being replaced with electric alternatives that have no direct emissions and can be charged using renewable energy sources. In the UK, the sale of new petrol or diesel cars will be banned by 2035 as part of the nation’s aim to reach net zero by 2050.

Leading brands are vying for the top position in the quest to develop the best electric cars, constantly working to streamline the design and performance of their EV range. Discover which companies are leading the pack and the models proving most popular with consumers.


The electric engine was invented in the 19th Century, but it was another 100 years until the first mass-produced electric car hit the market – and this had limited success. However, the rise of global warming and the eco-consumer has increased the appetite for green vehicles during the 21st Century.

Tesla Inc. has pioneered electric car manufacturing since its inception in 2003. The company’s first car, the Roadster, was a fully electric model with a range of 245 miles which was unprecedented at the time of its release.

The Tesla Model 3 for 2024 continues this leadership legacy and can go up to 390 miles on a single charge.


Another leader in the development of electric vehicles is BMW. The luxury German car company unveiled their first EVs at the 1972 Olympic Games and since then has released a dozen electric models to the commercial car market.

This fifty-year history and sheer variety of options mean that it’s easy to find a used BMW with an electric engine for a more affordable entry into the world of green cars.

Alternatively, you can dive right in with a new BMW i4 that’s praised for its performance in low temperatures and sleek design, or with the iX which is considered to be the most efficient full-sized e-SUV on the market.


This brand might have been late to the electric car party, but it certainly made an entrance last year with the IONIQ 5.

This mid-sized crossover utility vehicle is the perfect option for families looking to go green. It has a powerful electric engine with fast charging and acceleration capabilities, flexible seat arrangements, and plenty of space for the kids and car seats.

The model also boasts a vast array of smart technology features to help ensure safe driving such as lane and smart beam assist and driver attention warnings. This, and its chic confident design, have made it one of the favourite electric car choices on an international scale.