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Why Lease an Electric Car?

Electric vehicles are perfect for those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint. However, despite electric cars’ advantages, many people are unsure whether leasing a vehicle is the best choice.

Electric cars are becoming more commonplace, meaning that past worries like the lack of charging points are rarely an issue. However, there are some factors that drivers should consider before purchasing an electric vehicle, including the distance of charging points from their location and the amount of mileage the vehicle is likely to be subjected to.

Although every car owner has their own circumstances to consider, the following is an overview of the benefits of leasing an electric car, as well as some steps that can be taken to ensure a reputable professional is used.

Electric Cars Allow for Substantial Savings Regarding Fuel

Understandably, some people want to purchase an electric car outright, and sticking with their current form of transport may seem cost-effective at first. However, the longer a conventional vehicle is used, the more money it will cost regarding fuel.

Those keen to make substantial savings and start reducing their carbon footprint as soon as possible will find electric car leasing worthwhile.

No Need to Sell Old Vehicles When Upgrading

Although the opportunity to upgrade a vehicle can be exciting, it can also be time-consuming, especially when trying to sell an older vehicle to contribute towards purchasing a new car. Electric vehicles can offer drivers more benefits than conventional cars, but this doesn’t mean that new vehicles will retain their value. 

As with any car, the value of an electric car depreciates over time, and selling the vehicle isn’t always as straightforward as some first assume. Hiring an electric vehicle allows drivers to upgrade their current vehicle without worrying about the sale of their old vehicle for capital.

Leased Electric Vehicles Mean Less Maintenance

Although electric cars contain fewer moving parts than conventional vehicles, there can still be times when things go wrong. Those wishing to purchase an electric vehicle will need to consider the potential cost of repairs and ensure that funds are available should the worst-case scenario arise.

Leasing an electric car means that drivers will only use the car for a set time before upgrading, meaning that the maintenance required is minimal. In addition to requiring less maintenance, many electric vehicles contend with wear and tear better than fossil fuel-powered ones.

Leasing an Electric Car Makes Driving More Accessible

One of the things drivers enjoy about car ownership is the freedom they’re afforded. However, the maintenance and fuel costs mean some people don’t have the budget to purchase a car that runs on petrol or diesel.

Many car enthusiasts will already be aware that charging an electric vehicle cost less than refuelling, but some are shocked to find that switching to an electric vehicle can reduce the cost of car ownership by 75% in some instances.

Combine the money-saving benefits of electric vehicles with the straightforward nature of vehicle leasing, and everyone can enjoy the freedom that driving offers.

Furthermore, leasing an electric vehicle ensures that drivers always have access to efficient vehicles along with expert advice, ensuring that those leasing vehicles are always getting full value for money.

Obtain Access to Modern Electric Vehicle Upgrades 

As with many forms of technology, what is awe-inspiring today can soon become dated. This is not to say that electric vehicles have a short shelf-life, but those with a vested interest in technology will find that leasing an electric car is often the best option.

In addition to easy vehicle access, those wanting to stay abreast of the latest technology can ensure they are an early adopter when leasing an electric car.

Business Owners Can Enjoy Numerous Tax Benefits 

Not only can individuals enjoy substantial savings when leasing an electric vehicle, but businesses can also enjoy numerous tax benefits. Benefits in Kind are much lower when compared to conventional vehicles, as well as lower excise duty.

Fixed Monthly Payments Make Budgeting Easier

Not having to worry about monthly payments may seem more cost-effective, leading many to purchase an electric vehicle outright. However, other costs are not factored in by drivers, meaning that payments regarding an electric vehicle can be difficult to budget for.

For example, an unexpected fault could end up being costly, and the vehicle will become less efficient over time, meaning greater expense is incurred. Leasing an electric vehicle ensures that drivers only have one payment to worry about and can easily upgrade their vehicle in the future without worrying about large down payments.

Of course, to benefit from fixed monthly payments, drivers must ensure they are using a professional leasing company that provides clear guidance regarding its leasing policies, in addition to a wide range of vehicles.

Choosing the Right Electric Vehicle Leasing Company: What Factors Need to be Considered?

A quick online search will unveil a series of results regarding electric car leasing, but it’s important that the hiring of an electric vehicle fits your need and your budget. As such, a seasoned professional should be used in every instance.

A professional can provide customers with detailed breakdowns of the features included in a wide range of electric vehicles that cater to all lifestyles and professions. Better Value Leasing has some great electric car lease deals.

Choosing an electric vehicle can be confusing and overwhelming at times, but using a seasoned professional like Better Value Leasing ensures that budding electric car drivers have all the information to make the right decision.

Regardless of whether you’re concerned about your current vehicle’s impact on the environment or are keen to make some substantial savings when leasing an electric vehicle for a business, why not speak to Better Value Leasing and secure the perfect arrangement for your requirements today?