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Why You Should Consider an Electric Car Lease

The shift from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric vehicles has many advantages. One of the biggest reasons you should consider making the move is the EU ban on petrol and diesel cars coming in 2030. Why not get ahead of it and start getting accustomed to the cars of the future!

Since the electric vehicle market is still developing, the upfront cost is more than it would be for a comparable petrol or diesel vehicle. On top of that, the technology is growing so quickly that your car might depreciate in value. As a result, you probably shouldn’t go out and buy an electric car just yet.

Fortunately, the price doesn’t have to ruin your dreams of driving an electric car. Leasing a car is an affordable alternative to buying or financing a brand-new car. Lease Loco has all the best deals on leasing electric vehicles.


Leasing an electric vehicle instead of purchasing one is likely to be a more cost-effective choice.

Currently, electric cars are extremely popular, but costing up to £10k more than a comparable petrol or diesel vehicle.

Choosing to lease requires you to make an upfront payment and then you’ll make a reasonable payment every month for as long as you’re in your contract. You can get the car of your dreams for less. If you ever decide to buy an electric car, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Low Costs

Running an electric vehicle has lower costs than when you’re running a petrol or diesel car; fully charging an electric car will cost you much less than a full tank of petrol or diesel.

Low Maintenance

An electric car will be much cheaper to maintain because there are fewer moving parts involved. With combustion engines, there are a lot of moving parts and lots of things that can go wrong. For the most part, the replacements you’ll need to invest in are tyres, windscreen wipers, windscreen fluid, brakes and potentially the battery.

Option to Upgrade

Leasing, as opposed to buying, gives you better chances to upgrade when you want to. The technology for electric cars is improving and evolving with every model. You don’t need to worry about your new car becoming outdated when the latest model is released. You can keep up with the advances until it’s reached a level where you might want to buy your own.

Charge At Home

One very strong benefit of driving an electric vehicle is that you have the flexibility of being able to charge it at home. You don’t need to rely on external sources to keep your car juiced up. This is also the quicker and cheaper method. You plug it in overnight and it should take about 8 to 12 hours to be fully charged.

Charging the car at home might seem like a surefire way to increase your utility bills, particularly your electricity bills. The great news is that energy suppliers do offer special tariffs for electric vehicle drivers.

So charging your car at home shouldn’t add to your bill too noticeably. You can choose to have the charging station installed at your home for convenience. The government will contribute up to 75% towards the cost of the installation.


If you’re looking to make your life greener, and be more eco-conscious, driving an electric vehicle is one way to do that. Pure electric vehicles don’t have tailpipe emissions, so they’re better for the environment.