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Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Event – LCV2013, 4-5 September: 10 Reasons to Attend

caterham-seven-base.jpg The first public showing of a new Caterham sports car will take place at LCV2013 . Find out more below about Caterham and the latest news from other low carbon automotive exhibitors at the UK’s leading low carbon vehicle event.

The announcement about Caterham was made at a preview event for LCV2013, which was also combined with an Automotive Cleantech Conference run by Cleantech Investor which focused on investment in the low carbon vehicle sector – see our separate article
summarising some of the presentations from the
Automotive Cleantech Conference

Seminar programme and other latest news from LCV2013

Top 10 Reasons to Attend LCV2013

1. New low carbon sports car to be launched at LCV2013


A new ‘entry level’ Caterham Seven, taking the car ‘back to its roots’, will be on public view and available for drives for the first time at LCV2013, and with a lighter, downsized engine it promises to be the most economical Seven ever produced. It’s also going to be the most affordable of the current range, with a price starting at £17,000. Caterham Technology is leading the development of new vehicles and products for the Caterham brand, and provides specialist engineering services to external clients.

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2. LC Super Hybrid – affordable ‘micro-mild’ hybrid vehicle with low CO2

Controlled Power Technologies

LCV2013 will be the first opportunity to drive the latest 48 volt LC Super Hybrid demonstrator, with SpeedStart technology, electric supercharging and lead-carbon batteries. The high performance and low fuel consumption of this new micro-mild hybrid can be achieved at a quarter of the add-on costs associated with more expensive high voltage hybrids and battery electric vehicles. Read about our drive of the Passat LC Super Hybrid at LCV2012

3. Bus incorporates waste heat recovery to reduce fuel consumption


At LCV2013 Wrightbus will demonstrate a hybrid diesel-electric double decker bus, similar to the company’s London bus, that incorporates waste heat recovery to reduce fuel consumption. The vehicle has undergone a three-year Thermal Energy Recovery Systems project (TERS).

4. Lightweight range-extender engine for electric vehicles


Mahle has developed a lightweight (50kg) 900cc, twin-cylinder, range-extender petrol engine for electric vehicles (EVs) with an output of 30kW. The range-extender can recharge the battery and can offer a total driving range of 500km. The range-extender is currently being tested in an Audi A1 demonstrator vehicle.

5. New multispeed transmission technology for EVs

Drive System Design

New MSYS multi-speed transmission technology promises 10-15% less energy consumption than single-speed powertrains in EVs. The electric motor with integrated multispeed powershifting transmission has compact packaging, low weight and reduced cost.

6. New Vehicle Emissions Research Centre


Ricardo will once again be exhibiting at LCV2013 and will be able to provide more details about the company’s new £10 million Vehicle Emissions Research Centre (VERC) which will enable the development of the next-generation of clean, low carbon vehicles. The centre will incorporate two vehicle test cells incorporating four-wheel drive chassis dynamometers and advanced emissions testing equipment. The vehicle test cells will be capable of testing passenger cars and light trucks of up to 3 tonnes, including advanced technology hybrid electric vehicles and their associated energy regeneration systems.

7. New outdoor emissions testing laboratory


At LCV 2013, Millbrook, best known for its proving ground in Bedfordshire where the LCV event is held, will be showcasing a portable measuring system that will provide real-world emissions figures in different driving conditions. This ‘outdoor lab’ will allow the testing of vehicles that have not previously been tested for emissions, such as airport tugs.

8. Real-world emissions testing

Emissions Analytics

A big issue in the motor industry today is the gap between official NEDC fuel economy figures and ‘real-life’ MPG. Emissions Analytics uses portable testing equipment to measure real-life emissions and miles per gallon and has found that real-life economy figures are, on average, between 20-25% worse than the manufacturers’ official figures – with the gap continuing to widen. Also, downsized engines are not the answer. These results match the findings from our own road tests

9. Free EV home charger

POD Point

Home chargers for electric vehicles are now available from POD Point – completely free of charge. You don’t even have to own an electric car. Other news includes that POD Point is going ‘pay as you go’ – meaning that EV users can just charge when and where they need to with no membership fee. It allows anyone with a mobile phone to access charging points across the UK. Many charge points on the network are free to use, and it is expected that the more popular locations will be about £1 per hour to charge. EV drivers can log into the POD Point website to view the live availability of all charge points on the scheme at:

10. And everything else on offer at LCV2013

As well as another 150 or so exhibitors in addition to those above, the two-day LCV2013 event includes a conference together with a ride and drive event of some of the latest, or even forthcoming, low carbon vehicles.

However in addition to all those attractions, there is one overriding reason to attend: networking. Green Car Guide has attended every LCV event since their inception – see our reviews of all the LCV events below – and we have seen new business opportunities start directly as a result of networking at the LCV event – for example, the North West Automotive Alliance’s Car for Young Drivers Technology Strategy Board-funded project .

The Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Event (LCV) takes place at Millbrook Proving Ground, 4-5 September 2013. This year there will be a new ‘event app’ incorporating a ‘meeting maker’ allowing visitors to arrange appointments with exhibitors.

Seminar programme and other latest news from LCV2013

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