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Green-Car-Guide teams up with Climate Care to offset CO2 emissions and you can too

On the day that Chester becomes the first city in the world to launch its unique programme to become carbon neutral, has teamed up with Climate Care to offset all our carbon emissions. And you can too.

Why should you offset your emissions?

All conventional cars emit carbon dioxide, which contributes to climate change. By offsetting the carbon emissions produced by your car, you can effectively neutralise the CO2 impact from your driving.

How to calculate your emissions

Just fill in 3 simple boxes on our on-line calculator – how far you drive in a year, your car’s mpg, and your car’s fuel type. The calculator then tells you how many tonnes of CO2 you emit, and what the cost is to offset that.

How does the scheme work?

You pay the appropriate amount of money and this is invested in projects around the world which reduce CO2 emissions by the same amount, thereby offsetting the CO2 that your driving produces. These schemes include renewable energy, energy efficiency and forest restoration projects across the world, including India, Honduras, Kazakhstan and Uganda.