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BMW has been a leader in electric cars. The brand was one of the first to bring an all-electric car to market in the form of the i3, in pure electric and range-extender form (although the range extender model was dropped when the NEDC economy and emissions test changed to WLTP), then came the petrol-electric plug-in i8 with its supercar looks. Over recent years BMW has had more plug-in models on sale than any other manufacturer. However BMW’s big electric news will be the forthcoming all-electric iX3 SUV (2021) and the all-electric i4, an electric 4 series Gran Coupe with an expected 373 mile electric range (2021).

reviewBMW i4 eDrive35 M Sport BMW i4 eDrive35 M Sport Review

The BMW i4 is a 4 Series Gran Coupe hatchback that’s also electric, and now there’s a new variant, the i4 eDrive35, which makes the…

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reviewBMW i5 eDrive40 BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport Pro Saloon Review

The BMW 5 Series Saloon has evolved into the all-electric i5, with added refinement, comfort and technology, and the eDrive40 model offers rewarding rear-wheel drive…

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reviewBMW iX M60 BMW iX M60 Review

The BMW iX M60 is a performance version of the iX SUV, with 1,100 Nm of torque and a power output of 619 hp, resulting…

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The BMW iX1 is one of the best compact electric SUVs to drive, with good performance, sharp steering, agile handling, high levels of grip, and…

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reviewBMW I7 BMW i7 xDrive60 Review

The BMW i7 is the brand’s first all-electric 7 Series, with an official electric driving range of up to 387 miles, it’s crammed with the…

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reviewBMW 225e Active Tourer BMW 225e Active Tourer Review

The BMW 225e Active Tourer features a plug-in hybrid powertrain with a 3-cylinder, 1.5-litre petrol engine and an electric motor and battery providing up to…

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reviewBMW iX1 BMW iX1 First Drive Review

The BMW iX1 brings BMW all-electric SUV motoring to more of a mass audience than the BMW iX3 or the BMW iX, but it still…

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reviewBMW X2 xDrive25e BMW X2 xDrive25e Review

The BMW X2 xDrive25e is a plug-in hybrid with a 3-cylinder, 1.5-litre petrol engine together with an electric motor and battery providing up to 32…

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reviewBMW 545e xDrive M Sport Saloon PHEV BMW 545e xDrive M Sport Saloon PHEV Review

The BMW 545e xDrive M Sport Saloon PHEV delivers the sports saloon driving experience of a BMW 5 Series, complete with all-wheel drive, but it…

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reviewBMW iX BMW iX xDrive50 Review

The BMW iX is a large SUV so it’s a car that you’re not supposed to like – but it’s all-electric, with a driving range…

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reviewBMW i4 M50 2023 BMW i4 edrive40 M Sport REVIEW

The BMW i440 does lots of things brilliantly, and it is that breadth of ability that makes it so easy to recommend. Of course we…

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reviewBMW i4 M50 BMW I4 M50 REVIEW

The BMW i4 M50 offers a solution for motorists who want both an electric car and a driver’s car, thanks to its huge performance, rewarding…

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