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Eden’s Sexy Green Car Show

Leading carmakers from around the globe are gearing up to exhibit at The Sexy Green Car Show at the Eden Project in Cornwall, home to the biggest greenhouses on earth, from March 30 to April 15 2007.

What the Eden Project describes as ‘the planet’s premier eco-car show’ is attracting the giants from the motoring-world eager to showcase the very latest in ‘green’ driving, alongside innovators in car design, transport leaders and fuel manufacturers.

Amongst others, Saab will be heading for Cornwall with their 9300 biopower convertible and 9300 biopower cutaway, and are also discussing with Eden the possibility of bringing their Aero X hydrogen concept coupe. Vauxhall are to showcase their latest Zafira and Corsa models while Ford are putting up the new Focus flexi-fuel convertible, a formula race car which runs on ethanol, and a Model T. The latest Mercedes Smart EV car will rub bumpers with the D1 Oils 24-hour Le Mans race car which runs on biodiesel made from jatropha trees.

The event is sponsored by Co-operative Insurance, who launched the UK’s first Eco motor insurance product in 2006, which contains environmentally friendly features right through from the underwriting to claims stages and also enables customers to have their say in CIS’s unique ethical engagement policy.

Following EU legislation instructing carmakers to cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 18 per cent by 2012, Co-operative Insurance and the Eden Project believe that there has never been a better time for the world’s first low-carbon motor show or a better arena.

David Newman, Marketing Director of Co-operative Insurance (CIS) said: “When Eden first approached us to support the world’s first ‘green’ car show here in Britain we were eager to get onboard as the UK’s only provider of an eco motor insurance product. At Co-operative Insurance we are firm believers that every person can make a ‘tiny difference’ to climate change and our unique Eco Insurance product allows ‘green’ drivers to do this by offseting some of the damage that their car’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions contribute to the environment at no extra cost.

Eden’s Marketing Director David Meneer said: “We are delighted that so many major players in the motoring world are now committed to what promises to be a world first – a show entirely devoted to ‘green’ motoring. Traditionally, environmental organisations have not had much to say about cars, except to try to persuade people not to use them, and more recently not to buy 4X4s. However, The Sexy Green Car Show aims to give motorists who want to go ‘green’ a better understanding of Government schemes such as the new fridge-type efficiency labels on cars, tax bands on emissions and variable congestion charges.”

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