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Could this be the ultimate green car?

The British based Caparo T1 is extreme in every sense of the word. It will cost over £180,000 when launched this summer, it weighs just 500 kg and will have a power to weight ratio of in excess of 1,000 bhp per tonne, ensuring breathtaking performance.

The team has developed a 3.5 litre normally aspirated V8 engine which is claimed to weigh less than 100kg and produce up to 200 bhp per litre – a figure normally reserved for racing engines. Impressive as this is, where is the green element I hear you ask! Well central to its concept is its ability to use alternative, sustainable fuels; a factor important to Caparo for future applications.

This new engine allows us many exciting options for the future, both for the car and the company,” said Richard Butler chief executive Caparo Vehicle Products. “It will further help us to implement the vehicle lightweight design philosophies necessary to reduce greenhouse gasses being sought by high volume carmakers.”

If this is the future then we can’t wait!