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E-Max Electric Moped launching September 2007

E-max electric moped

The E-max moped is a completely new electric moped, designed by Italians and engineered by Germans.

It is powered by a 4000Watt electric motor built into the rear wheel. The ‘fuel’ is provided by sealed silicone batteries, which, like the motor, are completely maintenance free. This virtually silent vehicle can be fully charged from a mains socket in as little as 3 hours. Features include a dual LCD and analogue display, oil pressure hydraulic shocks, hydraulic disc brakes and a custom made bespoke cage frame to improve weight distribution and handling.

It is capable of speeds in excess of 40mph but has its top speed restricted to 30mph, so it’s categorised as an L1e moped. Mopeds can be legally ridden on UK roads by anyone with a car license and there’s no requirement for an additional motorbike test.

The first E-max scooters will have a range of 55-62 miles, and on average an E-max scooter consumes less than 40 pence worth of electricity every 60 miles. Prices will start at £2400 + VAT.