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New retro-fit hybrid technology – and Tesco is the first to adopt

The company that revived the famous Connaught marque, and the team behind the Type-D hybrid sports coupe – which will commence production later this year in South Wales – has developed a unique, retro-fit hybrid technology designed to deliver significant fuel savings and an equivalent percentage reduction in CO2 emissions, for both diesel and petrol engined vehicles.

The first customer to take advantage of this important environmental retro fit technology is The company will initially equip seven Ford Transits within their home delivery fleet with the system and run them in a trial over the next six months. Following the success of this initial trial it is anticipated that the balance of the company’s Transit fleet will be progressively fitted with the Connaught HYBRID+ technology.

The Connaught Engineering HYBRID+ technology is the only retro-fit hybrid system promising a significant fuel saving with an equal CO2 emission reduction depending on the driving cycle. Hybrid technologies traditionally depend on high voltage and expensive battery packs that ultimately pose environmental disposal problems and increase the weight of the vehicle as well as taking up valuable space. However, the Connaught development utilises compact super capacitors running at a safe voltage whilst employing the principle of regenerative braking.

The partnership between and Connaught is the first of its kind in the home delivery vehicle market involving hybridising a diesel engined light commercial vehicle. This not only significantly reduces fuel costs but also lowers the vehicle’s carbon emissions over the whole of the vehicle life cycle.

Commenting on the project Duncan Vavangas of Tesco said, “Tesco is committed to reducing its carbon footprint wherever possible. Transport is a key area and in addition to supporting new vehicle technologies we are keen to embrace affordable retro-fit systems that save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions on our current fleet of home delivery vehicles. The Connaught HYBRID+ technology delivers important savings and has entered into partnership with Connaught Engineering to roll out this technology.”

Tony Martindale, CEO of Connaught Engineering said that “the company was delighted that Tesco had taken the decision to hybridise their home delivery fleet with the Connaught HYBRID+ system which is unique in that it is the only retro fit hybrid technology available anywhere in the world. The Tesco decision will bring them immediate cost savings in their fuel costs as well as reducing CO2 emissions by up to 25% per vehicle. We look forward to our continuing working relationship with Tesco”.