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Create biodiesel in your own back garden for 9p per litre

When the Government scrapped tax on home biofuel production, little did they realise that the average consumer would stand to benefit by creating biodiesel in their own back garden for as little as 9p per litre – 90% lower than current average pump prices!

With the average car-owning family spending more on motoring than on housing, food and leisure, and the cost of standard diesel rising by 5.3% in the last year, this saving is set to transform the fortunes of motorists converting to alternative fuel.

Richard Price, Director of Biofuels Media commented: “The effect of the Government abolishing duty on the first 2,500 litres of home produced biofuel is dramatic. As long as motorists learn how to make biodiesel properly they can really benefit from this new ‘Green incentive’. Home produced biodiesel can be made to the same or better standard of equivalent industrially produced biodiesel.”

Cost breakdown of biodiesel from waste vegetable oil:

Input                                            Cost per litre

WVO (Waste Vegetable Oil)    0p from your local chip shop / café
Methanol                                     7.6p
Sodium Hydroxide                    0.52p
Energy                                         0.12p
Purification                                 1p

Total                                              9.24p

Source: Filtertechnik July 2007

The biofuels market is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe today and is set to see a dramatic expansion. To learn about making biodiesel and to evaluate all the suppliers of equipment, visit the Biodiesel-Expo, a free to attend exhibition held in Newark, Nottinghamshire. The Biodiesel-Expo, which is expected to attract more than 4,000 visitors over 17-18 October 2007, runs alongside the Biofuels Conference, where the recent regulations surrounding duty-free production in the UK will be discussed in further detail. With over 100 exhibitors from both the UK and overseas, the Biodiesel-Expo and Biofuels Conference has become the national showcase for all aspects of biofuels.

ebec – European Bioenergy Expo and Conference