Over 30 teams confirm participation in the Automotive X Prize to develop a 100mpg car

The Automotive X PRIZE (AXP) is a competition to inspire a new generation of viable, super-efficient vehicles that help break our addiction to oil and stem the effects of climate change.

A multi-million dollar prize will be awarded to the teams that win a long-distance stage race for clean, production-capable vehicles that exceed 100 MPG ‘equivalent’.
The AXP will encourage production-capable vehicles and products (not concept cars) through tough entrance requirements, judging criteria, and race courses that test and reward manufacturability, marketability, safety, durability and performance.
Over 300 enquiries have been received to date, and out of these, over 30 teams have now signed a Letter of Intent to Compete. These teams, from 5 countries, include:

• Aptera Motors www.apteramotors.com – California, USA
• Commuter Cars Corp www.commutercars.com – Washington, USA
• Cornell University www.cornellaxp.com/index.php  – New York, USA
• DEHyds www.dehyds.com  – Washington, USA
• Delta Motorsport www.delta-motorsport.com  – Northants, UK
• Desert Fuel www.desertfuel.org  – Arizona, USA
• Disruptech – California, USA
• Dragonfly Technology Ltd – Northampton, UK
• Fuel Vapor Technologies www.fuelvaporcar.com – British Columbia, Canada
• GreenIt! www.gogreenit.com – Oregon, USA
• Herf Duo www.herf.net – Berlin, Germany
• HyKinesys www.hykinesys.com – California, USA
• Kinetic Vehicles www.kineticvehicles.com – Oregon, USA
• Kuttner Doran Inventions www.fordgttv.com – Virginia, USA
• Loremo AG www.loremo.com – Munich, Germany
• Maine Automotive X www.moonbeamplans.com – Maine, USA
• MDI, Inc. & Zero Pollution Motors LLC www.zeropollutionmotors.us – New York, USA
• Michigan Vision – Michigan, USA
• MotoTron Corporation www.mototron.com – Wisconsin, USA
• Phoenix Motorcars www.phoenixmotorcars.com – California, USA
• Porteon Electric Vehicles, Inc www.porteon.net – Oregon, USA
• Prometheus Systems, LLC www.novakinetics.com – Arizona, USA
• Psycho-Active www.psycho-active.org – Georgia, USA
• Roane Inventions www.tritrack.net – Texas, USA
• Society for Sustainable Mobility www.osgv.org – California, USA
• Spirit One – Alberta, Canada
• Tesla Motors www.teslamotors.com – California, USA
• Valentin Technologies www.valentrain.com – Wisconsin, USA
• Velozzi www.velozzi.org – California, USA
• X Tracer – Winterthur, Switzerland
• ZAP Motors www.zapworld.com – California, US

Delta Motorsport and Dragonfly Technology Ltd are the only UK-based companies to sign a Letter of Intent to Compete so far – are there any other UK-based companies out there who have a vision for a 100mpg+ car? If so, enter the Automotive X PRIZE and we’ll report on your progress at www.green-car-guide.com