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Even Forestry Machinery is going Hybrid

Despite lots of accusations from many quarters about hybrids not being as economical as they’re claimed to be, everyone’s still developing hybrid vehicles – even forestry tractors.

Part of Volvo is investing in the development of energy efficient forestry machinery in the form of the El-forest forwarder, which is the world’s first forestry machine that uses energy efficient electric-hybrid technology. Volvo claims that the technology has the potential to cut fuel consumption and CO2 by 50%. This is also helped by its lighter weight, although it can still handle the same load as a conventional forwarder of a comparable size.

It’s also kinder to the environment through its actual footprint, as it has significantly less impact on the external environment through a patented innovative frame construction that enables all wheels, which are individually electrically powered, to follow the same wheel-track with adapted speed.

The El-forest forwarder is said to have attracted major attention from the large forestry machine customers in the Nordic countries as well as from customers in many of the large forest countries worldwide.

Volvo Technology Transfer’s investment in El-forest will accelerate the introduction of the forestry machine and will enable customers to benefit faster from the economical and environmental benefits that the El-forest forwarder promises. The first machine delivery will be to state-owned Sveaskog – Sweden’s largest forest owner – during 2008.

Volvo Technology Transfer AB is part of AB Volvo and focuses on developing and supporting new business relevant to the Volvo Group. Part of the effort is to invest in companies and projects that are technically and commercially attractive