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Trident Iceni sports car manages 200mph and 70mpg

Trident Performance Vehicles has designed and produced a two-seater
diesel sports car that can reach over 200mph, get from 0-60mph in under
4 seconds and potentially deliver up to 100mpg.

The Trident Iceni can also run on any kind of biodiesel, which can be used without any invalidation of warranty, adjustment to the engine or effect on performance. Even better, it has a range of an amazing 2000 miles on a full tank of diesel.

The Iceni recorded 68.9mph at a constant 70mph at Millbrook. At 30mph it managed 108mpg. So it seems likely that its emissions and combined fuel consumption could be very impressive, although nothing has been quoted officially as yet.

The Iceni weighs 1480 kgs and has a 6.6 litre V8 turbodiesel engine mated to an 8 speed automatic transmission, developing 550bhp and 950lb/ft of torque.

The excellent fuel economy is achieved through technology called torque multiplication.

The body is made from composite, with a chassis constructed from stainless steel. Trident says the boot has enough luggage space for a two week holiday – and can even fit a set of golf clubs.

The team at Trident has invested £2.3m in the project which has enabled the completion of all the development needed to get the Iceni to this stage. The company is now seeking funds to get the car into production.

Price of the Iceni? £75,000.