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SEAT Leon Ecomotive Concept

SEAT has unveiled the Leon Ecomotive Concept at Geneva, emitting just 99 g/km CO2. The first application of Auto Start/Stop and brake energy regeneration technology helps to achieve this figure.

With new technologies, as well as an all-new 1.6-litre TDI diesel engine which features state-of-the-art common rail fuelling, the CO2 emissions of just 99 g/km – together with combined fuel economy of 74.3 mpg – is the same as the outgoing and smaller Ibiza Ecomotive.

With a similar improvement as the next Golf BlueMotion over the current model, these figures are a huge reduction over the current Leon Ecomotive which emits 119 g/km. The improvements are thanks to the new 105 PS turbodiesel engine, complete with DPF particulate filter, but also a range of innovations, including an Auto Start/Stop function. When the car comes to a halt and neutral is selected and the foot taken off the clutch, the Start/Stop function automatically switches off the engine. The engine is re-started when the clutch is depressed to move off. All this is shown on the dashboard, along with the optimum gear for maximum economy at any given moment. SEAT says that this technology can save around four miles per gallon around town.

There is also a form of brake energy recovery – harnessing energy generated during the braking process to save fuel by reducing the usual drain on engine power that stems from a conventional alternator.

The concept car also has technology from the current Leon Ecomotive: lengthened gear ratios, the use of low rolling resistance tyres and optimised aerodynamics.

SEAT also recently unveiled the Leon Twin Drive Ecomotive prototype which runs on electric power in urban areas, and petrol or diesel power for longer trips out of town.