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UK Hydrogen Network Project Launched

The UK Hydrogen Network (UK-HyNet) project has been launched, an initiative that aims to position the UK as one of the world’s leading hydrogen economies by 2015, by creating a network of hydrogen infrastructure throughout the UK.

While the UK already has clusters of world-leading knowledge and technological innovation in hydrogen, fuel cells and low-carbon energy systems, efforts have until now remained localised- and so dwarfed by national projects abroad. Under UK-HyNet, all these activities will become part of a co-ordinated national programme that can compete on the international stage.

The majority of automotive manufacturers plan to start the commercial mass deployment of hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles (HFCVs) in 2015. It is the intention of UK-HyNet to create the conditions by which the UK becomes the country of choice for the car makers to launch their first HFCV fleets.

This will provide a platform for the regeneration of the UK’s car industry, a showcase and test bed for its innovative technologies and a launch pad for a potentially huge and sustainable clean technology industry with enormous domestic and export market, wealth-generating and job-creation potential – in short, part of the ‘green route out of recession’.

In parallel with UK-HyNet, a UK Hydrogen Roadmap is being developed which will set out a strategic plan for the emerging hydrogen industry. UK-HyNet puts in place a practical mechanism for the implementation of the strategy articulated in the UK Hydrogen Roadmap.

Nissan European R&D hosted the launch meeting at the Nissan Technical Centre Europe (NTCE) in Bedfordshire.