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Bridgestone 2010 Eco-Rally

The Bridgestone Eco-Rally takes place on Wednesday 7th July and will showcase the latest in low and zero emission vehicle technology in a convoy from Brighton’s seafront to London’s Hyde Park.

At the finish line, it will join the UK’s largest sustainable transport exhibition, free to attend, at the Royal Albert Memorial.

Over the years, the event has attracted support from many high-profile celebrities, as well as some of the most important names in the motor industry entering their vehicles into the Eco-Rally and exhibition.

Major manufacturers who are supporting this year’s event include Lotus, Tesla, TH!NK, MINI and Honda.

More unusual entrants include a seven-litre Corvette Z06, entered by a motor-racing journalist out to prove that, with careful driving techniques, even a 530bhp American supercar can be fuel-efficient.

The Ford Fusion world record-breaking hybrid will also be on display, representing Ford’s electrification plans for Europe.

This year, stars from the world of Formula One, including Ross Brawn, Patrick Head and Nico Hulkenberg, lend their support courtesy of Bridgestone, the sole tyre supplier to F1.

Zac Goldsmith MP, who helped launch the Eco-Rally in 2007, said: “Sustainable transport is one of the most pertinent issues we face. We can become world leaders in this field, and if we really take advantage of the opportunities, we will benefit economically, environmentally and socially. I applaud the aims of the Eco-Rally and am proud to have been there at the start.”

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