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Citroen Tubik concept car

The concept car Citroën Tubik is inspired by the old Type H or ‘TUB’ van, but with the modern twist of a Hybrid4 full-hybrid diesel drivetrain and four-wheel drive .

Half a million units were produced of the original Citroën ‘TUB’ (from the French acronym for low front-wheel drive commercial vehicle) and its successor, the Type H, over 34 years.

The Tubik is large enough to carry up to nine passengers. The front end, which stands apart from the main body, is reminiscent of the corrugated metal of the Type H van with its distinctive ribbing, while the windscreen pillars are reminiscent of the Type H’s two characteristic ridges. The diesel engine sits at the front, and the electric motor is at the rear.

With its Hybrid4 technology , CO 2
emissions are close to those of a conventional saloon. The full-hybrid diesel drivetrain also offers more range than a stand-alone internal combustion engine and maximises traction in four-wheel drive mode – the front wheels being driven by the diesel engine and the rear wheels by the electric motor. The 22” wheels feature deep, narrow, very low rolling resistance tyres to further help optimise fuel consumption.

The Tubik features Citroën’s Hydractive suspension technology, which keeps the vehicle level regardless of load. At high speeds, Tubik is automatically lowered to promote aerodynamic performance, further reducing fuel consumption and CO 2

The concept has two large doors with access to the driver’s seat and the ‘living area’, and the huge cabin door opens upwards and incorporates the entire side of the vehicle.

Passengers can arrange the three rows of seats as they wish; each seat is independent for maximum comfort. The first row of seats lets two people sit facing the road or facing the other passengers. The middle row can seat up to three people or can be converted into a small table, be folded onto the last row to free up extra space, or be folded out completely to create a lounger seat.

The concept car Citroen Tubik will be on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show.