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KODA Citigo

The SKODA Citigo

The ŠKODA Citigo is the brand’s interpretation of the VW up!
city car

The Citigo will make its debut in its domestic market, the Czech Republic, before the end of this year, with the UK and other European countries following at the beginning of summer 2012. The Citigo will be launched in three-door and five-door versions.

The standard engines will achieve 62.8 mpg and 105 g/km CO 2
for the 60 PS unit, and 60.1 mpg and 108 g/km CO 2
for the 75 PS unit.

Two new, three-cylinder 1.0-litre petrol engines will be available after the Citigo’s launch (60 PS and 75 PS). The engines and the transmission have been designed to provide optimum economy in cities and their surroundings. Reaching the operating temperature even on short distances, the engines will offer low fuel consumption figures of 67.3 mpg and 65.7 mpg respectively; with emissions of just 97 and 99 g/km CO 2

With the Citigo, ŠKODA is entering a new sector. ŠKODA says that the demand for small cars with low fuel consumption, at a favourable price and with reasonable operating costs, is growing.

The car’s wheel base – 2.42 metres – provides enough comfort for four passengers even on long trips. The boot volume is 251 litres, which can be extended to 951 litres by folding down the rear seats.

The interior design includes numerous storage compartments, cup holders and multimedia systems, as well as storage pockets on the sides of the front seats. In addition, there’s a special bag hook integrated in to the glovebox handle, and a photograph holder on the central console.

In the three-door version, the ‘Easy Entry’ system allows easy access to the rear seats. The front passenger’s seat can be moved and folded forward to ensure easy access to the rear seats.

For the first time in a SKODA vehicle, a portable navigation system is available. The device is fitted to the dashboard and can be removed easily and used on the go. Being an integral part of the vehicle’s onboard electronics, the system provides not just navigation, but also hands-free calling with built-in Bluetooth and onboard infotainment. Using a 5-inch touch screen, the driver can view important information about the car (onboard computer, optical signals from the parking sensors, etc).

For the first time in a ŠKODA vehicle, the designers have used a Head-Thorax side airbag to protect the heads of both the driver and the front seat passenger. Along with a number of other items, this system is part of a safety package usually found on much larger cars.

In addition, active safety is enhanced by the ‘City Safe Drive’, a new brake assistance system based on a laser sensor that is activated automatically at speeds below 30 km/h when there is danger of a collision. Depending on the speed and the traffic situation, this automatic braking solution may completely prevent a collision or at least reduce its severity. The risk of bumping into the car ahead is thus reduced significantly in city traffic. The Citigo is one of only two cars in the city car segment to offer the emergency braking functionality.

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