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LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards winners


The LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards winners were revealed at an event in Westminster last night.

The awards recognise best practice in key areas from vehicle manufacturing and fleet operation to the development of products and services that reduce greenhouse gases from road transport operations.

The winners were announced at the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) Gala Reception, held at One Birdcage Walk, Westminster, at an event held in association with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

The Awards presentation was preceded by a keynote speech from Tony Juniper, independent environmental adviser and writer and former Executive Director of Friends of the Earth. Tony Juniper emphasised the importance of leadership in the face of the climate challenge. He said: “It’s all too easy to take a back-seat on this agenda. We need much more leadership. The winners of these LowCVP Awards have demonstrated leadership in their various fields; we need more individuals and organisations like them.”

The Awards are accredited by the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) which means they meet a robust set of criteria and by doing so demonstrate high quality and validity.

In a rigorous judging process – involving 28 senior individuals from across the range of organisations with a stake in this agenda – a total of 44 companies and organisations made the Awards shortlist.

The winner of the prestigious overall award was Nissan GB. In making the award the judges said that Nissan has been at the forefront of EV and battery technology development and its efforts have culminated in the launch of the ground-breaking fully electric Nissan LEAF in March 2011.

Individual Awards were presented to Stephen Joseph, Chief Executive of the Campaign for Better Transport (formerly Transport 2000) and to Richard Parry-Jones, Industry Chair of the Automotive Council, who spent 38 years at Ford Motor Company.

Other Low Carbon Champions winners were Coca Cola Enterprises Limited, Gasrec, WhipCar, Iveco, Flybrid Systems LLP, Element Energy and Stagecoach Group.

Winners for the LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards 2011:

Low Carbon Car / Van Manufacturer of the Year

For the company that has done the most to develop or supply the market for lower carbon cars or components that significantly improve vehicle efficiency or reduce carbon emissions.

Winner: Nissan GB

About the winner: Nissan has been at the forefront of EV and battery technology development culminating with the launch of the 100% electric Nissan LEAF in March 2011. Nissan is committed to working with partners to provide a strong charging, sales and service infrastructure to help consumers and corporate reduce their carbon footprint.

Runner-up: Ford Motor Company

Highly commended: Renault UK

Low Carbon Heavy Duty Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year

For the company that has done the most in the last year to develop or supply the market with lower carbon vehicles or components that significantly improve vehicle efficiency or reduce carbon emissions.

Winner: Iveco UK Ltd

About the winner: Iveco offers the most extensive range of low carbon commercial vehicles available in Europe. Its natural gas-powered range spans the complete 3.5 to 32 tonne sector with vehicles available in van, chassis, crew cab and articulated configurations. It also includes the cleanest and greenest heavy truck available in the UK and makes an innovative electric-powered light commercial range from 3.5 to 5.2 tonnes. During recent years Iveco has continued to add to its low carbon range with the launch of the ECOStralis tractor range.

Joint runner-up: Hardstaff Group, Leyland Trucks

Highly commended: Volvo Group

Low Carbon Vehicle Operator of the Year

For the company or organisation that has most effectively reduced emissions from vehicles it operates or leases. This may be through the use of new lower carbon technology, fuel and /or driving techniques or through new business processes.

Winner: Stagecoach Group

About the winner: International transport company Stagecoach Group is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its bus and rail services across the UK and North America. The Group has in place a comprehensive Sustainability Strategy and has implemented a number of measures to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment.

Runner-up: Transport for London

Highly commended: University of Warwick

Low Carbon Fuel Initiative of the Year

For the company or organisation that has done the most to bring forward lower carbon sustainable fuel technology or the supply of sustainable low carbon fuels into the market.

Joint-winner: Coca Cola Enterprises Ltd, Gasrec

About the winners: Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd (CCE) has embedded corporate responsibility and sustainability into its daily business activities.

Gasrec’s innovative biomethane vehicle project has rigorously evaluated climate change, air quality and noise benefits, culminating in an investment in excess of >£1.5m in gas powered vehicles for CCE’s North London operation.

Gasrec produces Liquid Biomethane from waste gas which is 70% lower in CO2 than diesel. 2010 was Gasrec’s breakthrough year with the fuel now widely adopted by companies such as Tesco, Sainsbury and Coca Cola. The fuel has also been chosen by UPS the logistics operator for the Olympics as its low carbon fuel for the Games.

Highly commended: Greenergy Ltd

2011 Award for Low Carbon Innovation by an SME

For the company providing the most promising technology that can reduce vehicle carbon emissions through any means. This includes technologies that enable other technologies to be more effective.

Winner: Flybrid Systems LLP

About the winner: The CFT KERS device from Flybrid Systems is a low cost mechanical hybrid system that uses an innovative clutch-based transmission to transfer energy in and out of a small high-speed rotating flywheel. The product promises up to 20% emissions reduction for a much lower cost than electric hybrid systems.

Joint runner-up: Delta Motorsport, Ashwoods Automotive

Low Carbon Road Transport Initiative of the Year

For the most successful programme or campaign designed to reduce road transport carbon emissions. This could be through stimulating the market for lower carbon vehicles or fuels; uptake of more efficient fleet management or driving practices by others (transport operators can enter another award); or, promotion of public transport, walking, cycling or any other approach to reduce vehicle use. The award is open to both publicly and privately funded programmes.

Winner: WhipCar Ltd

About the winner: WhipCar is the world’s first peer-to-peer car club. Its service enables car owners to rent out their vehicles for money whenever they are not using them. Nearby drivers are given able to access these cars – replacing the need to buy their own. WhipCar is free to join and deals with practical issues from insurance and breakdown cover to bookings, payments and alerts.

Runner-up: Campaign for Better Transport

Highly commended: Gateshead College

2011 Outstanding Low Carbon Publication or Report

For the report/publication that has either most effectively enhanced understanding of the challenges and solutions to reducing road transport emissions; or has most effectively encouraged behaviours that lower road transport carbon emissions.

Winner: Element Energy – Influence on the Low Carbon Car Market from 2020-2030

About the winner: This study, by Element Energy, examined the long term costs of low carbon vehicles from 2020 to 2030, using the very latest data on technology costs from vehicle manufacturers. Launched to coincide with the Low Carbon Vehicle Expo, the work has since been reported in over 60 articles across 17 countries.

Runner-up: E4Tech

Highly commended: Ricardo UK Ltd

There were also two special awards:

Outstanding Individual in Promoting Low Carbon Transport

For the individual(s) that have contributed the most to reducing road transport carbon emissions.

Joint winner: Stephen Joseph, Chief Executive, Campaign for Better Transport; Richard Parry-Jones, Industry Chair, Automotive Council

Outstanding Achievement in Low Carbon Transport

For the entry that the judging panel considers to be the overall outstanding achievement across the full range of activities to encourage the shift to decarbonised transport.

Winner: Nissan GB

The LowCVP ( ) was established in 2003 to take a lead in accelerating the shift to low carbon vehicles and fuels in the UK and to help ensure that UK business can benefit from that shift. It is a partnership of around 200 organisations from the automotive and fuel industries, the environmental sector, government, academia, road user groups and other organisations with a stake in the low carbon vehicles and fuels agenda.

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