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Drayson Racing and Qualcomm team up in new FIA Formula Electric Championship


Drayson Racing

Qualcomm Incorporated, through its subsidiary, Qualcomm Europe, Inc., and Drayson Racing Technologies LLP have announced that Qualcomm Europe will sponsor Drayson Racing over the next 18 months to promote and develop Qualcomm Halo Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) technology during the launch phase of the new FIA Formula E Championship.

Qualcomm Europe has additionally appointed Drayson Racing as an Official WEVC Performance Motorsport Development Partner for Qualcomm’s WEVC technology in high performance motorsport using both static and game-changing dynamic charge-on-the-move systems. Drayson will promote the adoption of WEVC in motorsport by demonstrating the effectiveness of the technology for charging high performance electric vehicles.

Drayson Racing has been evaluating a specially developed, 20kW, high power Qualcomm Halo wireless charging system on the Drayson B12/69EV prototype electric racing car over the past 6 months. The companies will rigorously test the Qualcomm Halo system during high-speed trials and under racing conditions prior to offering the system to Formula E racing teams.

“Motorsport is not only exciting but provides an extreme and challenging environment ideally suited for promoting and developing new technologies, such as our Qualcomm Halo WEVC Technology,” said Dr. Anthony Thomson, vice president of business development and marketing, Qualcomm Europe. “We look forward to further collaboration with Lord Paul Drayson and Drayson Technologies to bring new sustainable technologies to the automotive industry.”

Lord Drayson, founder and owner of Drayson Racing Technologies said, “As a pioneer in green racing since 2007, we are extremely excited to be working with such a global leader in wireless technologies. Qualcomm’s commitment to innovation makes it a perfect fit for Drayson Racing and our shared commitment to sustainable technology development through motorsport competition.”

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