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My Electric Avenue’s Social Trials

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My Electric Avenue Nissan LEAF Social Trials

Individuals are now able to lease a new electric Nissan LEAF at a specially negotiated rate for 24 months as part of My Electric Avenue’s ‘social’ trials.

This is a unique cost-effective opportunity to find out how an electric car could be ideal for your needs.

My Electric Avenue is an EA Technology-led project to test the ability of the local electricity network to cope with the recharging of clusters of electric vehicles (EVs).

Whilst there’s plenty of capacity to deliver power for electric vehicle charging across the UK, if the charging requirements are concentrated in small areas and during peak demand, local feeders can become overloaded.

In order to provide a solution to this problem, in a UK first, My Electric Avenue set out with the goal of finding ten clusters, each of at least ten community-minded neighbours, to take part in technical trials to test ‘Esprit’, a new technology developed by EA Technology which will monitor and control the electricity used when electric cars are being charged.

In order to provide confidence in the results of the technical trials, ‘social trials’ are also being conducted. People can live anywhere in Britain to take part in the social trials, and there’s no requirement to have any technology installed to monitor and control charging at their home. Applicants can be individuals or groups. All applications are subject to eligibility and availability, and as limited spaces are available, cars will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Although a charging point is not provided as part of the social trials, My Electric Avenue can signpost you to a provider that should be able to install a charge point for no cost, or at a fraction of the normal market cost (subject to factors such as suitability of the premises).

As part of the trial, data will be collected from the car to monitor driving patterns, capturing mileage and time of journeys. You will also be asked to complete four online surveys about your driving and charging experiences.

My Electric Avenue’s social trials will enable you to be part of the UK’s largest EV trial to test and shape the electricity network of the future.

For more details on the social trials, and to register interest, visit

My Electric Avenue is hosted by Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD), and led by EA Technology, an innovation technology deliverer. The £9m project is part of Ofgem’s Low Carbon Networks Fund programme.

Other partners in the project are Nissan, the vehicle supplier; Fleetdrive Electric (electric vehicle rental programme management), and Zero Carbon Futures (charging point network developer). The University of Manchester and De Montfort University are providing support and technical verification, and Northern Powergrid is making its electricity network available as part of the trial. Ricardo is providing independent technical verification to the project.

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