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New Mazda2 Full Review



The Mazda3 is one of our favourite cars in its class, so we’re certainly looking forward to sampling the new Mazda2, the production of which is now underway in Japan.

The concepts for the new Mazda2 have looked fantastic; the production version looks almost as good, apart from the predictable absence of the large alloys that appeared on the preview model.

Its larger family member the Mazda3 is a great car to drive, and has an ergonomically excellent interior – thanks to the direction from Tony Pixton, who is now the Chief Executive of the new Advanced Propulsion Centre UK. The only real main area of weakness of the Mazda3 is the lack of powertrains emitting less than 100g/km CO2 – in the face of competitors such as the new 82g/km CO2 Peugeot 308, this is quite an omission.

So we’re hoping that this new Mazda addresses this issue and provides good looks, a good interior, a good driving experience – and class-leading low emissions. There’s a good chance this will happen because the Mazda2 will premiere in Europe with a brand-new small displacement clean diesel engine, the SKYACTIV-D 1.5, as well as different power versions of the petrol SKYACTIV-G 1.5.

The all-new Mazda2 (also sold as Mazda Demio) goes on sale in autumn starting in Japan.

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