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Volkswagen e-up!

Longer range and lower price for new Volkswagen e-up!

The new Volkswagen e-up! will have a longer 160 mile range and is due to cost less than the previous model. UK prices are yet to be confirmed but it could potentially cost around £20,000 (after subsidies), and the aim is that it will also have low lease prices.

New battery cells with a considerably higher energy capacity – 32.3 kWh compared to 18.7 kWh – means that the vehicle’s range in real driving situations has been increased to up to 160 miles. 

The battery can be charged to 80 per cent of its capacity in one hour with DC (direct current) charging at 40 kW.

Volkswagen says that the low price for the e-up! is a result of the economies of scale enabled by high production volumes.

More details for the UK market due soon.