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Green Car Guide’s independent electric car reviews favoured by car buyers

Green Car Guide specialises in providing expert, independent electric car reviews and a new survey confirms that car buyers favour such reviews (58% use websites with unbiased reviews), whereas just 2% of car buyers say that the government would be their go-to information source.

The survey by Venson Automotive Solutions which showed that buyers favour independent advice from consumer motoring titles offering reviews by unbiased experts, also had manufacturers coming in second with 44% of respondents seeking information from the car brands themselves (websites or showrooms), followed by 31% of people seeking information and advice from friends and family who had already driven an EV.

Green Car Guide has existed for 14 years to help provide independent information about the latest electric, hybrid and green cars, and now we’ve introduced a new tool to help you turn your online research into an actual car.

The new tool is on every page of our site, including in our Buyers Guide, Car Reviews, Car Brands section, News and Features. So when you’ve read about a Jaguar I-PACE, BMW 530e or any other vehicle, you can now get more information, download a digital brochure or book a test drive to get you into your next new efficient car. 

Venson’s survey also revealed that the recent increase in EV appetite has been driven by a desire to reduce emissions (for 47% of respondents), but just 9% of women feel more confident in owning and maintaining an EV, and 18% of men.

Alison Bell, Marketing Director at Venson Automotive Solutions commented: “As we take tentative steps out of lockdown restrictions, the industry needs to collaborate to ensure consumers – be they private or company car drivers – have the confidence they need to make the switch and become EV drivers. Independent experts clearly have a big role to play in driving change and supporting manufacturers.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps recently stated that the car industry has been hit severely during the current crisis, but said it is encouraging to see that April’s car sales reported, for the first time, the two most popular models were both electric. Mr Shapps went on to confirm a doubling of the funds available for the on-street residential chargepoint scheme, with an additional £10 million now being made available, to encourage more drivers to switch to electric as cars will remain vital for many families.

In his statement on coronavirus on 9 May 2020, Grant Shapps also said that our national recovery can also become a green recovery, and one of the few positive benefits about the crisis is drastically better air quality and the health benefits that that brings.

This is based on figures showing that more than 20,000 extra deaths a year in the UK are attributed to nitrogen dioxide emissions, which are highest in areas with most road traffic.

Grant Shapps also announced a £2 billion package to put “cycling and walking at the heart of the UK’s transport policy”. This included a further push to encourage drivers to purchase an electric vehicle as the government aims to encourage people to choose greener forms of travel when the coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

An extra £10 million – double the current funding amount – is being committed to the on street residential chargepoint scheme which will allow local authorities to install up to 7,200 devices, making it more convenient to charge and own an electric vehicle.

Further efforts to encourage drivers to make the switch include the upcoming launch of a consultation which hopes to make charging electric vehicles just as easy as filling up a traditional petrol or diesel car. It will explore measures such as requiring rapid charging points – which are fundamental for longer journeys – to offer contactless payment, improving transparency on pricing and giving drivers better access to information about the chargepoints available on their journey.