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Fiat 500 Electric

New Fiat 500 Electric priced from £19,995

The new Fiat 500 Electric will cost from £19,995 (after the PiCG), and will have two battery options – 24kWh and 42kWh – offering up to 199 miles of range (WLTP).

Orders will open for the Fiat 500 Electric in December, with first UK customer deliveries expected in March 2021.

The city car will arrive in UK dealers in early 2021 in both hatchback and cabrio bodystyles, and a Fiat 500 3+1 has also been unveiled.

The new 500 – the first fully-electric vehicle from FCA – has a range that is made up of three trim levels – Action, Passion and Icon.

The entry-level Fiat 500 ACTION is fitted with a 70kW motor, accelerating from zero to 62mph in 9.5 seconds and with a limited top speed of 84mph.

The 500 ACTION includes a lithium-ion battery with a 23.8kWh capacity, resulting in a range of more than 115 miles in the WLTP cycle, or over 150 miles when only driving in the city.

The 500 ACTION is equipped with a 50kW fast charging system, so charging the battery to ensure enough mileage for the average commute takes less than 10 minutes. A 3kW cable is also included for charging at home or at work. The Combo 2 socket, located on the rear right side panel of the car, powers fast charging in both AC and DC. For charging at home or in public, a three-phase 11kW Mode 3 cable is available to purchase, along with a Wallbox by Mopar.

As standard, the 500 ACTION is equipped with an e-Mode selector to choose between three driving modes – Normal, Range and Sherpa, to select according to preferred driving style and requirements.

The Fiat 500 ACTION is available as hatchback only.

The Fiat 500 PASSION, the mid-range version, is available with the 42kWh battery, providing a best-in-class range of up to 199 miles in the WLTP cycle, increasing to 285 miles when only driven in the city. 

It features 85kW fast charging, so recharging the battery to 80% range takes 35 minutes, or to 30 miles takes around 5 minutes.

The 118hp motor has an output of 87kW, providing a maximum speed limited to 93mph and acceleration from zero to 62mph in 9.0 seconds and zero to 31mph in 3.1 seconds.

The New 500 ICON receives the same 42kWh battery as the PASSION trim level with best-in-class range of 199 miles in the WLTP cycle and rapid recharging with its DC fast charging system, running at up to 85kW.

The ‘My Car’ service can check the battery charge level of the 500 remotely from the app. ‘My Remote’ enables customers to schedule vehicle charging for the most convenient time slots; locate the nearest public charging stations and pay directly from their smartphone providing access to a network of 200,000 charging points throughout Europe; find the car’s exact location; lock and unlock the doors; turn the lights on and off; and programme the air conditioning system. The systems of the New 500 can be continuously developed and updated over-the-air.

There are three EV driving modes: ‘Normal’; ‘Range’ – which increases the level of brake regeneration and allows one-pedal driving; and ‘Sherpa’, which maximises the driving range.

Fiat is offering an easyWallbox – the plug-and-play home charging solution; ‘My Easy Charge’ apps to find a charging point anywhere in Europe; and a single card for charging and payment, valid throughout Europe at almost 200,000 charging stations.

Fiat GOe LIVE is a free app on iOS and Android platforms to simulate the use of a New 500. The simulation highlights the potential economic and environmental benefits of using the New 500 rather than the customer’s current car. The app also provides useful information on the e-Mobility experience, can locate charging stations throughout Europe and enables online ordering for the New 500.

FCA has also launched its Vehicle to Grid (V2G) project which uses electric car batteries as systems to distribute stored energy. In partnership with ENGIE Eps and Terna, a pilot system has recently been inaugurated at Mirafiori, destined to soon become the largest in the world, enabling bidirectional interaction between FCA’s fully-electric cars and the grid.

As well as recharging the cars, the project will use the batteries to provide grid stabilisation services. Once fully operational, it will be possible to connect 700 Fiat 500s with the system powered by 12,000 solar panels on the roof of the plant, reducing CO2 emissions by over 2,100 tons.

In addition to the hatchback and cabriolet, a Fiat 500 3+1 has also been unveiled, which has a small third door on the passenger side, which opens in the opposite direction, and adds 30kg to the car’s weight, but has no effect on the car’s range. The 500 3+1 will firstly be made available for left-hand drive markets.

The Fiat 500 will be available to order in December and is priced from £19,995 for the 500 ACTION 24kWh.

Fiat 500 hatchback prices

ACTION £19,995

PASSION £23,495

ICON £24,995

LA PRIMA £26,995

Fiat 500 cabriolet prices

PASSION £26,145

ICON £27,645

LA PRIMA £29,995