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ŠKODA Octavia iV estate

ŠKODA Octavia iV Plug-in Hybrid

The new ŠKODA Octavia iV Plug-in Hybrid offers up to 43 miles of electric range and a Benefit in Kind tax rate for company car drivers of just 6%.

The new ŠKODA Octavia iV Plug-in Hybrid is available in hatch and estate body styles, with two trim levels available from launch: SE Technology and SE L, priced from £30,765.

The Octavia iV has WLTP fuel consumption as low as 282.5 -188.3mpg and 22-33g/km CO2.

A four-cylinder 1.4 TSI petrol engine is combined with a 85kW electric motor. The total power output of the hybrid system is 204PS while torque is 350Nm.

Power for the electric motor comes from a 13kWh battery back located in the floor just ahead of the rear axle.

Drivers can select E-mode to keep the Octavia in electric drive only, or Hybrid mode will switch between petrol and electric. Hybrid mode also offers the option of charging the battery via recuperation or the engine while the car is moving. Drivers can set their own desired battery level. If the current charge is below the specified amount, the vehicle tops up the battery using the petrol engine and brake energy recovery. If the current charge is higher than specified, the energy is used until the desired level is met, and this is then maintained. The system can also operate completely autonomously in Hybrid Auto mode. There’s also a Sport mode.

The Octavia iV’s plug-in hybrid system can be charged via an industry standard Type 2 connection (cables included as standard). The Octavia iV on-board charger is rated at 3.6kW, which means that a full charge on a standard domestic or workplace 16A supply will take 3.5 hours from empty to full.

In addition to being supplied with a 16amp AC charge cable for a wallbox or charge points, the Octavia iV also comes with a 10amp mains UK 3 -pin charge cable as standard.

The Octavia’s plug-in hybrid drivetrain is available in two trim levels at launch; SE Technology and SE L. Both can be specified with hatch or estate body styles.

ŠKODA Octavia iV prices are as follows:

ŠKODA Octavia iV Hatch SE Technology £30,765

ŠKODA Octavia iV Estate SE Technology £31,745

ŠKODA Octavia iV Hatch SE L £32,525

ŠKODA Octavia iV Estate SE L £33,605