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Kia Concept EV9

Hyundai SEVEN & Kia Concept EV9

The Hyundai SEVEN Concept previews Hyundai’s future sport utility electric vehicle (SUEV), and the Concept EV9 is Kia’s version of Hyundai’s SEVEN Concept.

The SEVEN concept is built upon Hyundai’s dedicated BEV platform, with a flat floor, a wheelbase of 3.2 metres, three rows of seats and a lounge-style interior. Designed for autonomous driving, the driver’s seat features a retractable control stick that hides away when not in use. There are swivelling lounge chairs and a curved bench seat, with the seat arrangement being customisable. There’s even a built-in mini fridge.

The concept’s vision roof features a panoramic screen that displays various content, and also changes the overall interior atmosphere.

There’s a Hygiene Airflow System which takes inspiration from the airflow management of passenger aircrafts. In its vertical mode, air is taken in through built in air intakes in the roof rails from which the air travels from above to below, and extracted through the exterior vent behind the rear wheels. In its horizontal mode, the air flows from the slim dashboard to the rear vents.

This system can activate independently whether the vehicle is in motion or not to reduce cross-contamination among passengers and isolates the airflow between front and rear occupants.

UVC Sterilization activates once the vehicle is vacated of its passengers. Integrated sanitising UVC lights help clean the living space of bacteria and viruses.

Hyundai SEVEN Concept

Its wheels feature integrated Active Air Flaps, which deploy or retract depending on brake-cooling or low-drag requirements.

The concept is engineered to achieve a target range of over 300 miles. The SEVEN is capable of charging from 10 percent to 80 percent in about 20 minutes at a 350kW charger.

The Concept EV9 is Kia’s version of the Hyundai SEVEN Concept. The Kia Concept EV9 is also an all-electric SUV concept, with 22-inch wheels, a 27-inch ultra-wide display, solar panels, retractable roof rails, and a camera monitoring system that replaces the conventional door mirrors.

There are also three interior modes. There’s Active Mode, when the Concept EV9 is on the move. Pause Mode modifies the interior space so the seats switch around to enable occupants seated in the first-row and third-row to face each other, with the second-row seats folding down to become a table. Enjoy Mode turns round the three-row seat configuration and the tailgate opens so all occupants can look out of the rear of the vehicle.

Hyundai SEVEN Concept Interior