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3 Easy Options To Sell Your Old Car When Switching to an EV

Selling your car has never been easier, with Jamjar. Jamjar offers a quick and easy car selling service so that you don’t have to waste any of your time. The options are endless and faster with the help of the internet. And with more options, you have a better chance of getting more for your used vehicle. In addition, selling a car is also far more convenient, and if you are considering selling yours, these are three of the fastest and most suitable options for you.

Part Exchange With Private Dealers

Private car dealers are significantly different from franchise dealers that mainly stock new car models and slightly used cars. You have a few trade-in options with private dealers that may get you more money for your vehicle. You could consider part exchanging a car, which will allow you to lower the price of purchasing a new or used car from the same dealer. More often than not, you also have the option of negotiating a higher sale price with private dealers than you do when it comes to franchise dealers who will likely offer one amount and not budge.

Franchise Dealerships

Most franchise car dealerships work online, which can be used to your advantage as you can search multiple dealerships for the best offer price. These dealerships also pick up your car and do all the paperwork when it comes to change of ownership, so you won’t have the stress of dealing with that side of selling your car. Dealerships also work on the base price for your car, so this option will inform you of what the car is worth. Some dealerships will also give you the option of trade-in, giving you a discount when buying a car from that dealership. This option now can also be done within 24 hours of posting your car online at a dealership.

Auction Traders

Auction traders usually require up to 8% of the buying price. But this is a relatively fair amount to part with, considering auction traders will sell your vehicle on your behalf pretty quickly. In some cases, you can book your vehicle online with a trader. This option is perfect if your car is in bad condition, as auction traders have the right audience to sell these cars, and dealerships will probably not be interested. Auction traders are also the best option for individuals selling a classic car as you won’t get the best offers from franchise dealers or private dealers.

Selling a car in the 21st century is pretty convenient, and because you have so many options, your chances of getting more for your vehicle are also higher. However, it would be best if you always compared the pros and cons of each option, as the more convenient options may have you selling your car faster, but for slightly less. In contrast, the less convenient option of selling your vehicle with a private listing may take longer, although you can often get the most for your car. So if you are willing to wait a few months for an interested buyer, it might be best to list your vehicle privately, although convenient options are great if you are in a rush to get rid of your vehicle.