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Is It Safe To Buy A Used Electric Car?  5 Ways To Check Car History

The clamour to live more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles includes the switch to a better car choice: an electric car. Like ordinary cars, electric cars come in so many variants, too – some used, some brand new. If you’re pinching pennies and you’d like to save quite an amount on your purchase, opting for a used electric car isn’t really a bad idea.

So, to answer the question as to whether or not it’s safe to buy a used electric car – yes, it is. It’s just like buying a used petrol car, but you’ve got to be sure that you choose wisely. Not every used electric car up for sale is going to end up as a good buy, so don’t make the decision haphazardly.

Buying a used electric car should entail checking its history through websites, one of the many being Car Reg Checks. With that in mind, here are facts about its history that you have to check:

  1. Check The Battery’s Life

The battery’s life of an electric car will depend on how well or how far it’s been used with its previous owner. If the battery’s life isn’t that good anymore, then this can become a very good bargaining point, so you can possibly haggle the price with the dealer. If you’re willing to take in the car with a poor battery life, just be sure that you’re ready for its potential problems, like low running time because of the need to charge frequently, among others.

You can liken your electric car’s battery life to that of your television, laptop, computer, or any other device that’s run by a battery. When the battery has been significantly used, eventually in time, this will degrade.

Ask for a detailed report on the battery health, just so you know what you’re potentially facing and dealing with.

  1. Possibility Of Software Updates

Like other electric devices, also check to see the history of any software update done on the electric car. It’s to your advantage if the previous owner has been diligent enough to keep the car’s software updated regularly to be able to keep up with advanced technology and the complex powertrain.

More so, car manufacturers usually improve their new lines of cars by keeping up with the latest software and technology. So, for your used car to keep up, it should also have that availability of the latest software update.

  1. Check The Car’s Safety Ratings

A part of the history that you should also check on is the car’s safety ratings. Your electric car shouldn’t just make you environment-friendly, but it should also give safety and stability when you’re inside your car.

Make it a point as well to go through the car’s safety ratings. Don’t sacrifice safety as you’re still driving the car on the highway. The risk of accidents is still there. Your electric car should be able to give you the same feeling of security that you would have had on a regular car.

  1. Ask About History Of Battery Replacement

If the electric car you’re looking to buy has a history of having had its batteries replaced in the past, then this should be a major coup for you. It means that the previous owner had done that previous work and expense before you did. This can give you that higher assurance that in the next coming years, you won’t have to spend for battery replacement anytime soon.

If there has been a new purchase for replacement batteries, the seller that you’re buying from should be able to provide the right documentation for this. Do check on the estimated full range of this new battery and how much life it has left.

  1. Driving Range History

Alongside the battery, one of the most important facets relating to the car’s history is its driving range. It can be irritating to have an electric car without a long driving range, which means you have to regularly make stops just to charge the vehicle.

On the average minimum, your electric car should give you 100 miles up to 300 miles of driving range.


It’s safe to say that electric cars are becoming the present and the future of mobility and transportation. Car owners also like to be more responsible with their purchases, and this begins with creating that positive impact on the planet. A cleaner car means less pollution because it also gives off less transmission. While brand new electric cars may be quite pricey, you can always start as a first-time buyer with a used one to test the waters out. With a good quality one, the car can possibly last you through so many years of good use before it fully depreciates.