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4 Things To Consider Before Taking Driving Lessons

Today it’s possible to learn to drive and take your test in an electric car, with automatic transmission – so is that the best option? Before booking your driving lessons, there are a few things you need to think through.

  1. What kind of transmission and car would you drive after your lessons

In answering this question first, you should consider if you would want to use a manual transmission or an automatic transmission. Many new drivers complain about the difficulty involved in learning how to drive a car with manual transmission. If you think you would prefer driving in an automatic, then you should take automatic driving lessons. The second part to answering this question is looking at the type of car you want to use once you are a new driver: electric, hybrid, petrol or diesel. It is advisable to learn how to drive in a car similar to what you might use after your lessons, so you can easily apply your skills.

  1. Finding the right instructor

The driving school of your choice will have a variety of driving instructors to help you. However, each of them has their styles and methods of teaching. You might want to book a lesson with two to three different instructors beforehand. Doing this would give you an idea on which instructor you would like to have before you go-ahead to start your lessons officially. You can also have your friends and family recommend an instructor to you.

  1. Taking traditional lessons or an intensive course

Traditional driving lessons usually go on for three weeks, while an intensive course could just be for five days. If you have had some driving experience, but you only want to perfect your driving to be able to take the test, then you would like to consider taking an intensive course. On the other hand, if you have no driving experience, taking the traditional option would be better. This would give you ample time to learn and prepare.

  1. When and where you would practice

Just like it is said, practice makes perfect. When you start your driving lessons, you must practice frequently. Before you book your first lesson, make sure you have time allocated to practice. You can do this around the neighbourhood or in an empty car park. Since you are a new driver, you should consider having someone by you when you go out to practice. Your parents are the best practice trainers, but if they are unavailable, you can turn to a reliable, experienced driver that you know.

Learning how to drive is nerve-racking. In the beginning, you might make some mistakes, but do not give up! As you keep practising, you will get better with time. Always have an experienced driver by you when you sit in a car until you pass your test and become a licensed driver.