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Do Car Manufacturers Advertise Electric Cars?

In the first six months of 2020, more electric cars were sold in Europe than in the whole of 2018.

The share of electric cars increased to 7.9% of the total number of sold cars in the European Union countries in the first half of 2020. The data is provided by a specialised publication Clean Technica.

According to the results of 2019, only 3.9% of all sold cars in the EU were electric cars, says the publication.

It is predicted that by the end of this year, sales of electric cars will cross the mark of 10% of all sold cars in Europe.

The growth of sales is caused by the programmes of state subsidies for the purchase of electric cars in Western Europe, in particular in France, Germany, Norway and Great Britain.

The programmes offer grants of up to 10,000 euros for the purchase of an electric car worth up to 40,000 euros, or the abolition of taxes when buying if it costs more.

The leader of sales in Europe in the first half of the year was Renault Zoe. The Tesla Model 3 remains the second most popular electric car among European consumers.

Modern car manufacturers are reluctant to advertise their electric cars, giving preference to the most competitive market of cars with internal combustion engines. However, the market changes come down to the fact that more and more manufacturers are betting on electric cars and this market is becoming more and more competitive.

Tesla, Audi, BMW, Polestar, Volkswagen, Kia, Mercedes and many other manufacturers are already producing or preparing to produce electric cars soon. The market cannot but react to this: on the one hand, electric cars must be sold and any manufacturer understands that it is profitable. On the other hand, people are poorly informed about what an electric car is and how it can be used in everyday life.

Anyway, it is becoming more and more difficult to compete in the current situation. Nissan, which has sold the most electric cars with its Leaf model, has recently been experiencing difficulties due to the growing market. And the first step for competition will be the advertising of the company’s electric cars.

It is noteworthy that the Audi e-tron advertisement not only shows the new electrified model, but also tries to play on the misunderstanding of potential customers why they need an electric car. The movie starts with this: the electric car is not for you. Then comes the story, which shows that an electric car is better in all conditions. And at the end the question is asked: is it possible that the electric car is still for you?

The aim of Audi is to encourage customers to find out what electric cars are, what advantages and disadvantages they have. This shows that large manufacturers write great content; some of them have dozens of writers and marketers, and others take outsourced help, which can be done by visiting this website.