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8 Reasons to Choose a Hybrid Car

What do Justin Bieber, Robert Pattinson, and Paul McCartney have in common? Before you think of something sarcastic to answer this question with, let me tell you – they all drive green cars. I don’t mean the colour green, I mean the trending green. There are so many hybrid cars on the market these days and with all of the celebrity endorsements, I do not doubt that this is just the beginning of a global sway towards travelling with a clearer conscience. If you’ve been wondering whether or not to cross the divide into the world of hybrid vehicles, here are 8 fantastic reasons that might just give you the push that you need to take that leap.

  1. The Best Of Both Worlds

Hybrid vehicles combine all of the advantages of having an internal combustion engine with the amazing benefits of running on electric power. This symbiotic relationship allows a hybrid vehicle to achieve both superior performances to go with the impressive efficiency that no normal car could ever hope to achieve. It is possible to travel long distances solely on electricity these days with newer technology, but if you need to you can switch over to your combustion engine.

  1. Pay Less Tax

With hybrid cars, the cleaner the emissions the less you will pay in tax as the driver. Be aware that not all types of hybrids meet the emissions threshold needed to qualify for the lower tax bands so be sure to check yours out and ask questions before you buy it. Places like YesAuto review can help you find the best hybrid for your budget.

  1. They Retain Value

Hybrids, more often than not, retain their second-hand value impressively well. This is down to a range of reasons, including the lower running costs, affordable maintenance costs, and fantastic hybrid battery warranties. This isn’t true for every hybrid model so you will need to do a little homework here to make sure that your chosen model is one of the ones with limited depreciation. The bottom line is that hybrids will save you money over years, mostly by saving on fuel costs, they will make you look insanely cool, and – for good measure, hybrids will help you save the planet. No other standard car can tick all of these boxes, and certainly not for the same price.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

A hybrid car is so much more fuel-efficient than a standard car and because you are using less fuel to drive, your mileage will be largely on clean electricity. This way of travelling means that your car will be emitting much less CO2 than an equivalent regular car which helps to improve the quality of the air around you. This is especially true for anyone with a long commute to work; the ingeniously thrifty ways of a hybrid car will save you money at the same time as saving the planet thanks to the efficiency achieved with steady-state driving.

  1. Save Money On Fuel

An electric hybrid car uses regenerative braking, which means that the energy released during braking is used to recharge the car’s battery. This makes it incredibly energy-efficient by cutting the cost of fuel as well as emissions. There are plenty of hybrid car variations to choose from but all of them provide fantastic benefits and savings based on your chosen vehicle’s consumption needs.

  1. Cool Factor

Aside from saving money on taxes and being environmentally friendly, hybrid vehicles are just so ridiculously cool. The electric motor creates additional power when you’re accelerating and they handle just as well as any other vehicle. Over five million hybrid vehicles have been sold in the United States over the last two decades and these sales are expected to skyrocket in the foreseeable future.

  1. Less Noise

Hybrid cars make very little noise when compared to engines that are diesel and petrol only. This should be an upside but you do need to be more aware of pedestrians when you’re driving because you won’t necessarily be heard by them. This is the reason why manufacturers may end up having to add noise to hybrids so enjoy the quiet whilst you still can.

  1. Affordable Maintenance

The standard maintenance costs on a hybrid vehicle are substantially lower than the routine maintenance costs on a regular vehicle. This is mostly down to the fact that the combustion engine gets far less wear and tear because the electric engine takes over when the car is idling or driving at low speeds. The brake pads on a hybrid vehicle have a longer life span than regular brake pads so you’ll save in this area too, which is good because you will have to find an experienced technician to work on your new beauty. Luckily, fantastic technicians are not that hard to find anymore.

To close off, buying a hybrid car will initially be about the undeniable environmental advantages, namely the reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption, but as you spend more time researching them you will find a host of other benefits that come with being a hybrid driver. You will need to do some digging to find the brand that is perfect for you but that is only ever a few clicks away.