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Jaguar I-PACE

Jaguar to be Fully Electric by 2025

With the meteoric rise of electric vehicles over recent years car manufacturers have been hard-pressed to pivot their offering to meet today’s breakneck pace of innovation. However, after announcing its intention of only selling electric cars exclusively from 2025, Jaguar has taken electrification very seriously.

This plan to reposition Jaguar as an electric car manufacturer is no small feat. It involves the redesign of factories to manufacture the new range and a host of connected vehicle services. Jaguar has said it will be funded by £2.5 billion per year to meet its ambitious deadline over the next four years.

Historically Jaguar has been a little slow to embrace the electric revolution, however, doubling down on an environmentally-friendly future, it has now become one of the most forward-thinking motor brands on the market. Quite the radical transformation and a great example of British engineering paving the path to a clearer future.

Jaguar’s reputation has been built on high-performance luxury cars and if the current market for electric vehicles is anything to go by, keeping that image alive is totally possible. Today’s electric cars are quick off the mark, offer huge performance, and are more than capable of rivalling ICE alternatives. The challenge Jaguar will face is maintaining the iconic vibe that the current offering brings.

If all goes to plan this will place Jaguar well ahead of many competitors and well ahead of the impending bans of ICE car sales. Many countries have already set dates for this including 2030 in the U.K., 2040 in France, and 2025 in Norway.

How does Jaguar’s electric car line-up look so far?

At the moment Jaguar’s electric line-up only contains one fully electric car, the I-PACE. This SUV has made a bold statement since launch. It has won many awards including World Car of the Year. Google has recently kitted out an I-Pace to be a street view car in Dublin, Ireland.

Once you look into the quality of the I-PACE there is no real surprise that Google was comfortable with the I-PACE – definitely a strong opening gambit for Jaguar entering the EV market. It brings power and reliability, and boasts an incredibly attractive exterior. Safety is at the forefront of this SUV. It even achieved the full five stars from Euro NCAP scoring strong across the board. This makes it easily one of the safest electric cars on the market today.

There was also a plan to release a second fully electric vehicle with the Jaguar XJ. This however has been shelved at the moment and may not be part of the upcoming line up.

Apart from the fully electric I-PACE model, Jaguar also has a few plug-in hybrids or PHEVs available. Options include the F-Pace or E-Pace at the moment. These models have a range of 33 and 34 miles respectively. More than enough to do your weekly shop or any short journeys. Both cars are a great way to dip your toes into the electric car world.

Given the serious investment that Jaguar is making in electrification we will surely see many intuitive redesigns of many of its iconic vehicles to fully electric models. It will be very exciting to see how Jaguar’s offer shapes up over the next few years.