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9 Practical Ways To Make Running Your Commercial Van More Cost-Effective

Saving costs while running a successful business is every business owner’s dream. Fortunately, this dream can be achieved with a commercial van business. Running a commercial van business is undoubtedly expensive. From tax, fuel, maintenance, van insurance, changes to Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and other significant expenditures, managing the cost of your van business is a must.

Thankfully, being cost-effective can be achieved in some practical ways. With the advancement of technology, many van manufacturers have made their brands more cost-effective in several ways, so such vehicles can operate without spending a fortune. There are several ways you can save money while running your commercial van business effectively. Here are some practical ways you can go about it.

Choose The Best Van

While purchasing a new van, you must select the best one for the job. There is more to a van than just design and brand. When investing in a new van for business use, you must consider the van’s size and engine efficiency, as this could affect the business in the long run.

Also, choosing the right van for the job would be best not to waste money. Buying a model that can’t transport the number of goods you wish to move effectively will cause the van damage and incur other expenses. Therefore, asking yourself what you need the vehicle for is vital before finalising a purchase.

Driving Habits

Do you know that certain driving habits can be cost-effective? Examples are choosing faster routes, eco-driving techniques like changing gears sooner, maintaining a constant speed (driving faster consumes more fuel and sticking to the speed limits maximises your fuel efficiency), and accelerating smoothly, among others. You must also carry only the necessary goods and avoid overloading the van, as every extra 45kg consumes 2% of the fuel required.

Van Insurance

Keeping your van insured is another cost-effective method. Van insurance keeps your van safe and gives you several benefits. This insurance isn’t much different from traditional car insurance; however, some van insurance comes with extra benefits. These can include covering the goods being transported and much more. Unplanned incidents and legal expenses can cost you a fortune. Therefore, it is wise that these unforeseen expenses be considered before time. Look at some comparison sites like to help you get started.

Purchase Fuel Cards

Another way to effectively manage costs for your van is by signing up for a fuel card. These won’t offer discounts on fuel but will help manage your spending easily with monthly payments. You also won’t need to keep a bundle of receipts for your records. This also means you won’t have to carry extra cash for fuel, as the card has already been paid.

Buy An Electric Van

If you’d like to spend less on fuel for your van, then an electric van is the right choice. If you constantly make short, local journeys and can charge overnight, having an electric van will save you from continually spending on fuel.

Servicing And Maintenance

Owners of high-mileage vans desire long intervals of van servicing. Some car makers offer two-year breaks with varying mileage limits, which is worth considering if you are doing lots of miles. Also, many vans come with onboard electronics to help monitor the running gear, letting you know if your attention is needed.

For users who want dependable vans and spend little time off the road, makers like Mercedes, Iveco, and MAN are the best choices. They provide 24-hour truck service centres for commercial vehicle users. Therefore, ensure the van you want to purchase has a van-specialist dealer close to you.

Look For A Warranty

Many manufacturers give extensive warranties on all products they sell. Also, individual dealerships offer such warranties on used vehicles. So, you should purchase a model that is covered accordingly to avoid any emerging issues.

Conduct Regular Checks

Conducting regular health checks on vehicles is an invaluable act. It leads to discovering and repairing more minor issues before they become crucial. Ensure these regular checks are conducted before the commencement of long journeys and during seasonal changes to avoid weather-related problems.

Limit The Use Of Air-Conditioning 

There are several ways to reduce the energy your vehicle consumes, and only a few have as much of an impact as air conditioners. Reduce the time you use the air conditioner in your van and see how much money you’ll save.