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6 Things to Check Before You Buy a Used Electric Car

Buying a second-hand electric car can be frightening at first, primarily if you are a new user. Electric cars are completely different compared to petrol or diesel cars. There are some extra things to consider when considering a used electric car.

Used electric cars are often fantastic value. However, a little bit of research before you make the purchase can be needed.

Here’s a quick glance at some essential things to consider when purchasing a used electric car.

Ask For the Details of the Battery

Battery failures in electric cars are uncommon but not impossible. The vehicle you want to purchase may have had its battery replaced. You are already aware of what mileage is good for a used car when purchasing regular cars, but things are a bit different for electric cars. Electric cars with higher mileage are more likely to have a battery replacement.

Examine every document closely to make sure you are not missing out on anything. Ask the seller for all the receipts for the car you want to buy. Don’t forget to examine the battery health reports and the car’s estimated range on a full charge.

Learn How the Warranty Works

The average life cycle of a battery is around eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. This means the car may not have a warranty but the battery may have, and the battery is the most expensive part of the electric car.

Always ensure from the seller that the warranties are transferable to the new owner. You should research the car’s warranty policy details for the specific model and year as it changes every now and then.

The easiest way is to collect the vehicle identification number from the seller and contact the manufacturer’s service department. They will provide all the necessary details that you need.

Know Your Range

The technology of recent electric cars has advanced immensely compared to the early ones. Early electric cars were lucky enough to hit a range of around 100 miles on a full battery charge, whereas recent longest range electric cars can hit about 380 miles on a full charge.

You need to figure out your range and battery health. If you tend to drive longer distances, you might need to go for a higher range electric car.

Used electric cars with older batteries are more likely to fail soon because of all the wear and tear.

130-150 miles of range on an older battery can work like a charm if your driving range is small. You should remember not to go for cars with a real-world range below 100 miles because battery life gradually worsens.

Ask for the Maintenance History

Electric cars don’t need as much regular maintenance as petrol and diesel cars, but tyres, brakes, and batteries still wear out gradually with regular use.

You should always ask the dealer or the previous owner for the complete history of the car’s maintenance, repairs, or service. Ensure the software is updated to the latest version or recalls have been attended to; that way, you will know the car you want to purchase is up to date.

If the seller or the dealer doesn’t provide you with these details, you shouldn’t go for the purchase of that car.

Check on the Charging Accessories

Before buying an old electric car, make sure the seller has included all the accessories including charging cables and cords. Charging cables, cords and devices are expensive.

There are different types of charging cables and adapters for different types of charging points. Make sure these items come with your car before purchasing because the typical cost to replace these accessories varies from £200 to £500.

Resale Value

Lastly, you need to know what the resale value is of the electric car you have chosen to purchase.


Buying a used electric car can be both challenging and exciting. You should always keep your cool and thoroughly research the battery history, warranties, maintenance history, range, and car’s value.