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Driving your own private car when going to the office or shops is convenient and comfortable, but it’s better to choose green transport to help do your bit for the planet. Below are the most common modes of green transportation you can choose.


This is a common option that everyone knows about. Riding a bike is a good way to commute. When you choose a bike over a car, then you’re helping the atmosphere by reducing greenhouse gasses released. Walking is a green transportation mode, but there are many benefits you can expect to see when you use a bicycle to commute. It is also a good way to work out. The prices of bicycles are affordable. You are going to spend a faction to buy and maintain the bicycle compared to how much you need to spend on a car.

Electric bikes 

Electric bikes are good for the environment because they don’t release any harmful emissions. When you have an electric bike, you don’t have to do much, just pedal lightly. The law regulated the speed of electric bikes such as these Fiido electric bike options. There are some that have put a 20mph limit on electric bikes. In other countries, you are required to get a special license, insurance, and registration before riding on an electric bike.

Electric vehicles

There is a wide range of options when it comes to electric vehicles. Some of the options include cars, lorries, motorcycles, boats, trains, and scooters. They are powered entirely by electricity and don’t release harmful gasses into the atmosphere, even though there might be emissions when producing electricity using power plants. The power used can be tapped from renewable technologies like hydro-electric, geothermal, wind turbines, and solar power.

When you choose vehicles powered by alternative fuels with advanced green transport technology, then it is going to do less harm to the environment when compared to using internal combustion engine vehicles that run on diesel or petrol.

Green trains

Governments around the world are now dedicated to supporting green transportation, and this is why trains are getting greener. There is a lot of innovation in the world of trains, including hybrid locomotives. The hybrid versions use the same technology used in hybrid cars.

Electric trains today use overhead lines, electrified third rail, or devices storing up power like batteries and fuel cells. These trains are also fast because they can clock speeds of more than 200mph while still maintaining high levels of safety.

Electric motorcycles

Electric motorcycles don’t emit any fumes, just like other electric vehicles. They are powered by a battery. There might be pollution because generating grid electricity needed to charge the batteries causes it. When you choose electric motorcycles, expect to spend a lot because they are expensive. The cheapest ones are going to cost you $7,000. There are top-range motorcycles that make their parts from recycled materials.

There is a lot of innovation in the industry, and it is expected that they are going to be mass-produced soon.

Multiple occupant vehicles

The booming world economy has led to an explosion of vehicles around the world. This is a milestone to be proud of, but this has caused an increase in pollution levels. Multiple occupant vehicles are also known as carpools, and they are good because they reduce the number of cars on the roads, which reduces pollution. This option is eco-friendly and a great mode of green transportation.

Colleagues or groups of friends can use one car when going in the same direction. It is more economical and better for the environment to use one car instead of having five people driving their own cars in a similar direction. This saves on petrol and money.

Service and freight vehicles

These types of vehicles are known to account for 9% of total toxic gas emissions. Replacing regular fossil fuel sources with electricity and biofuels in services and freight vehicles is going to be good for the environment. Other ways include offering lots of travel alternatives and administering travel demands. The transportation sector needs to focus on green transportation.

Hybrid cars

Hybrid cars have been designed to recharge the battery when they brake so re-using the energy. Hybrid cars have extremely low greenhouse emissions – 26%-90% lower than standard cars.

Hybrid buses for public transportation

There are some innovative green buses that are already in use. The Mercedes-Benz Ciatro G BlueTec Hybrid Bus is a good example. This bus uses four electric wheel hub motors together with lithium-ion batteries. The battery can store energy from a diesel generator. There is also energy generated when braking.


You should walk every chance you get, whether you’re going to work, school, or the shops. There are zero-emissions when you walk. It is also free and walking is a good way to exercise.