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Three Environmental Benefits of Green Vehicles

Right now, the motor industry is experiencing a surge in demand for hybrid and electric vehicles. Alongside this need for eco-friendly cars and a desire to better our environment, second-hand car dealerships are also reporting soars in used vehicle sales. And believe it or not, a second-hand car can actually be better for the environment in the long run: New cars cause pollution simply due to them being built, and materials sourced and shipped from all over the world increases our carbon footprint massively.

Perhaps a year of lockdowns has changed people’s perceptions when it comes to preserving our Earth. So, if you’re ready to ditch the diesel and go electric, here are three of the environmental benefits of green vehicles.

1.    Air Quality Improvement

One of the most immediate benefits of electric and hybrid vehicles is the increase in air quality. It’s also one of the most important advantages, as it means the air we breathe in becomes less harmful to us. Eco-friendly cars that simply run on electricity don’t produce any polluting emissions – they also don’t have an exhaust pipe.

Hybrid vehicles that require charging use an electric motor. Plug-in hybrids still require diesel or petrol engines, however, they produce drastically lower emissions than regular vehicles. These hybrid types also have the capacity to drive in an electric-only mode which means zero carbon dioxide emissions. While right now, this method can only be used for a short period of time, they are still massively reducing the amount of pollution that feeds into the air.

2.    They Reduce the Demand For Fossil Fuels

The pollution caused by diesel and petrol vehicles is much bigger than you may think. The harmful emissions that come from the exhaust pipes is just the start – think about the process of extracting oil, making it into fuel, and then transporting it to petrol stations up and down the country. The scale of air pollution this process generates is unfathomable.

Fossil fuels are the main contributor to climate change and global warming. By opting for an electric vehicle, the demand for these energy sources would reduce, therefore lowering the effect their burning has on the environment. A compromised fossil fuel industry would also encourage the support of renewable alternatives, for example, wind, solar, and hydro energy sources.

Despite the environmental crisis, and the scientific evidence that proves fossil fuels are destructive to the planet, in the last financial year it was discovered that almost £10bn worth of investments into these fuels were reported in local government pension funds.

3.    They Are Cheaper to Run

Whilst electric and hybrid models may be more expensive to purchase, they are actually much cheaper to run than petrol vehicles. So, over the course of your ownership, your electric car will most definitely cost you less. What’s more, it has been reported that petrol prices are the highest they have been in nearly eight years.

So, based on the rising prices of fuel alone, electric vehicles are significantly cheaper to run than traditional cars. You’re also contributing to a cleaner environment, so it’s a win-win.

Do Your Bit For The Environment

If it’s coming up to a new car kind of month, then why not ditch the regular fuel option, and go green? Not only will an eco-friendly vehicle produce zero to no carbon emissions, but you’ll also notice a staggering difference when it comes to your petrol bill.