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Cheap ways to travel the UK

bmw-330d-touring-017.jpg When travelling is mentioned the costs immediately come to mind, the price of public transport leaves many people attempting to avoid day trips or holidays to try and save as much money as possible. Even domestic holidays are avoided when families are feeling the pinch. However using the right resources can save you a lot of money and give you a free and easy means of travel.

is one of the global leaders in mobility. Their rental services strive to deliver exceptional quality but at low prices to their customers. Cut out delays, cancellations and stress by choosing transport that you’re fully in charge of. For a weekend away you can car hire from under £80 or if you choose to book and pay online the cost is further reduced to under £70. That’s great value for money when you consider all the sightseeing you can do, unhindered and at your own pace, on such a small budget.

Train fare alone can cost half of what a car hire service does and that only covers a standard return, meaning more money goes into travelling once you reach your destination if and when you want to visit tourist attractions. Opting to travel by bus is by no means cheaper either with roughly a standard return costing nearly £10, within a weekend you would easily pay out more than what a rental vehicle costs.

There is then the option of flying, although it’s possibly the least convenient means of travelling the UK. Not only is it expensive it is a time consuming mode of transport because of the nature of checking in; arriving two hours early simply to catch a flight is hardly a hassle free start to a weekend away. You will then have the same issue as with other public transport once you get to your location; before you’ve even landed you’ve spent the majority of any spending money put aside.

Don’t spend unnecessary amounts on transport that is out of your control, instead opt for car hire and travel when and how you want.